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Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Among Celebs Leaving Biggest Carbon Footprint. Taylor tops with 8293.54 tonnes, that's 1184.8 times the average person's annual emissions! followed by Floyd Mayweather with 7,076 tonnes

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how is it that she alone is so far out of alignment with the rest of her peers? it's not like she belongs to a cohort of particularly self-aware and concerned people?

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Well apparently one of her favorite hobbies is to dump barrels of oil into the ocean and then light them on fire

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The vast majority of this is based on private flights. For people who fly regularly, even on normal flights, it’s going to make up the majority of their carbon footprint. For someone like Taylor swift, who is touring all over the world and doing a lot of that travel in a private jet - well, that’s going to be a ton of carbon.

This headline REALLY should be “Taylor Swift spent more time on a private plane than anyone else this year by far - and that’s not good for the environment”

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I think I saw that her jet has had like 170 flights since the beginning of the year which would be almost like a flight a day. Seems likely she was renting/loaning out her jet or something because there’s no way she flies daily.

While these numbers are troubling, they lack context.

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Out of alignment with her peers? Most celebs are Hypocrites


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Air pollution (Taylor’s Version)

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I’m so glad she finally owns her creation. /s

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I wonder what the fans on the individual sub reddits think about this whether they'll dismiss it or agree that this is a problem

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I’m a fan and this puts a very bad taste in my mouth.

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I actually think Swift fans very uncomfortable with this.

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As someone who is active on the Taylor sub, this has already been addressed and everyone agreed that it’s not cool

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· 2 mo. ago

Easily solved with a carbon tax

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The wealthy people who generate most of the CO2, and are literally incinerating the rest of us, should pay to accelerate the clean energy transition.

Tax carbon, pay dividends so the poor and middle class aren't slammed and use the rest to subsidize individual and industrial scale wind/solar/storage.

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That just becomes a cost of doing business then. The system that allows one to hoard so much wealth is what must be dismantled. A wealth tax plus investment in public infrastructure.

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Nah. Because these people are rich enough that this doesn't help. The real reason for a carbon tax would be to encourage people to lessen their emissions. They'll fight that shit and if forced to pay, they'll just pay it and the emissions will remain the same.

Taylor Swift is worth 80 million. You gonna charge 1 million per flight?


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