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Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress badly damaged after Kim Kardashian wore it for 2022 Met Gala

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As a preservationist and archivist, this is not surprising, nor is it surprising in our small community. I'm just going to say this, the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences museum should name a whole friggin wing after Debbie Reynolds who went out of her way to spend millions of dollars for several decades keeping these costumes under temperature control and standard regulations until she couldn't anymore.

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And then the vultures picked over her life's work.

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Further proof that Debbie Reynolds was truly the best

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God bless that woman and her work. I saw a mini doc off of YouTube about what she did to preserve some of those costumes and I respect her even more.

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I saw her collection once, it was amazing.

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Who was the person that allowed Kim to wear it? Who made the executive choice?

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Goddess bless temperature controlled storage.

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I was looking for a person with this professions outlook, I mean when you have a passion for these things, if it disgusts us regular people I cant imagine how awful it must feel for you guys


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Worst part about this is she litterally had an exact replica made and that she changed into once she got off the MET stairs. She could have just worn a replica this whole time.

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Idk why they allowed her to wear the original

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It also had nothing to do with the theme. Marilyn was a good 50 years after the gilded age. It was supposed to reflect the ostentatious style of all the new money socialites of the early 1900's before the great depression.

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I wish she had just made her own version of it with her own skin tone and body type. It looked terrible on her because it wasn’t made for her

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Kardashian moment

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