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I just want to get this out here in a place that isn’t preaching to the choir.

There’s posts like this everywhere in any and all vet forums and social media groups… but none directed at just regular pet owners. If this reaches just one person I’ll be happy.

Also, please don’t reply with anecdotal evidence like “my dog did XYZ so you’re wrong” I’m speaking generally. I’ve been a tech for almost a decade, I know the trends and have my opinions based on my experiences firsthand. I know how Reddit can be, so please ask questions before condemning me. I’m happy to answer any and all questions.

These are the first points that come to mind, but I’m sure there’s many more.

  1. No one in this profession is doing it for the money. Not a single person. Vets do the same job a human GP would do for us, PLUS surgeries, running diagnostics, taking X-rays and ultrasounds, dentistry, and much more, and are criminally underpaid. The average veterinarian is extremely LUCKY to make 6 figures annually, it’s absolutely NOT the norm. Registered techs in my area are lucky to make over $20/hour. Most of us cannot afford to live alone. If you compare costs to human medicine, vet med is DIRT cheap. Also no, we don’t get any special kickbacks for recommending prescription diets. We recommend them because your pet probably needs them. The reason things are “so expensive” is because vet clinics are not subsidized by the government. If you don’t pay, we literally can’t keep our doors open.

  2. If your pet is limping, it’s in pain. I’m so tired of hearing “he’s limping but it doesn’t bother him” … the limping is him telling you it’s bothering him! Animals don’t cry or vocalize like humans do when they’re in pain. They show discomfort in other ways.

Also, some animals are more sensitive to pain, but they don’t “act dramatic” for attention. They don’t have a concept of that. I’ve seen some instances where dogs are taught to limp as a trick, or they do it because they’ve learned it gets them something… but that’s a learned behavior, and not a common instance at all. If there’s signs of pain, please get them seen. Imagine it’s happening to you- if you wouldn’t wait for yourself, don’t wait for your pets.

3) If we tell you it’s an emergency and to go to the ER, it’s not a casual suggestion. If the GP clinic won’t see you, it’s not because we hate you. It’s because we want your pet to get the best possible chance at quality medical care. Sometimes we aren’t equipped or staffed for big complex emergencies. Had a dude call us the other day saying “my dog just had a stroke, can I come in today?” Yeah you can, but we can’t do anything for you! If you had a stroke, would you want someone to take you to a hospital or your primary care doctor??

4) If you’ve never been to our clinic, we don’t have your pets medical records. Please bring them, especially if you want a second opinion on something. It makes everyone’s life way harder (and makes your appt take 10x longer) if we have to go digging.

5) If your pet is aggressive, be honest about it. We don’t judge, we just want your pet to be comfortable. If we give you sedatives, please give them appropriately. It makes everyone safe, including your pets. It’s totally okay too, not every animal likes the doctor and that’s expected. If you don’t give them, you’re wasting our time and stressing your pet out unnecessarily.

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