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Digital Tabletop Games


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About Community

A community of people who enjoy playing hobbyist board games on iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets, and computers. Whether you enjoy games like Settlers of Catan or Ticket to Ride, or more hard core games like Twilight Imperium or Cosmic Encounter, there's room for you here.
Created May 30, 2013





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Discussions and announcements of digital board games.

This includes digital versions of existing modern board games as well as the new breed of digital-only games that are designed to play like board games.

For the most part we're not talking about traditional games like Monopoly, checkers, or Trivial Pursuit. We are talking about games like Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Puerto Rico, or any of the hundreds in this new category. (Also see The Note Below.)

Tag Your Posts

When announcing a specific game, please tag your post with the supported platform, following these examples:

  • Affiliate Links Must Be Tagged With [Affiliate]
  • [iOS] -- A single platform
  • [iOS/Android] -- Two platforms
  • [Multi] -- At least three platforms
  • [Web] -- A web-based game that should work anywhere

Posting Limit/Spam Rules

Please don't spam the sub. Nothing is considered to be newsworthy enough that you can post about your game or any other promotion more than once every two weeks.

This applies to Kickstarters as well as self-promotion and affiliate posts: No more than every two weeks for any game, or topic, or general affiliate link, and please only post if there's news. Even if we don't ban your posts, trust that your post will be voted down to oblivion if people feel like you're spamming, so just don't do it, OK?

If you want to post affiliate links, please only one self-post per two week period; put all the current sales in that self-post.

Sub Reddiquette

If you're following reddiquette then you won't downvote a post unless you really think it adds no value to the sub. For instance, "I'm sick of CCG's" is not a valid reason to downvote. Just ignore the article, or click "hide" if you don't want to see it any more.

On the other hand, "I think this is a terrible game that's not worth anyone's time is considered a valid reason here.

Related Links

425suzanne's Curated List of Digital Board Game Apps

If you're looking for info on digital "pen and paper" RPGs, check out /r/VTT.

For digital collectable card game coverage and the DCCG Master List check out r/digitalccg.

Crazy Reddit Spam Filter

If you post anything to /r/digitaltabletop and it doesn't show up right away, please message the mods.

The Reddit spam filter is very picky, and so far we're very open about what qualifies for posting here. If we do decide something isn't appropriate, we'll message you to let you know why, so please don't assume your post has been rejected by anonymous admins.

The Note Below

Note: Chess, Stratego, Risk and Go currently get a special exception to this rule. Other similar games might also be approved on a case-by-case basis. Message the mods if you want to ask for an exception, or you hate the idea of exceptions and would really like to see even those games excluded.


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