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[OC] Flight of the (Supersonic) Concorde - Maximum travel in one hour compared to a traditional passenger plane

r/dataisbeautiful - [OC] Flight of the (Supersonic) Concorde - Maximum travel in one hour compared to a traditional passenger plane
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Op · 3 mo. ago
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Was looking at data for the Concorde for another project and needed a visualization comparing the speeds to a traditional passenger airplane. It's quite stark just how far the Concorde could get within a single hour at maximum speed. Obviously, it's not that simple given take off, landing, etc. but still impressive.

Source: Wikipedia Concorde page.

Tools used: ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator

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Thanks for using KC, where no Concorde has ever flown.

I know why you did it, it's just funny as someone from KC.

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Maximum speed for a 747 is considerably faster than you indicate—safely Mach .92, with a true air speed of 675 mph. Potentially it can be flown even faster, with some reports that it could easily break the speed of sound. Still not Concorde speed but impressive for a aircraft that carries 4 times as many people.

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· 3 mo. ago
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What projection gave you a perfect circle?

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What would the fuel cost per person during each one of these trips be? In a perfect every-seat-is-full world ofc.

And what's the overall efficiency of Concord vs the traditional passenger plane?

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KC is a good spot to superimpose the circle, but it makes a misleading map. Concordes were not allowed to go supersonic over land, only water. So, technically it could go from KC to Miami in 1 hour, but it would not be allowed to.

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Sadly it was not allowed to fly supersonic over the US.

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Robert McNamara (secretary of defense under Kennedy) figured it would never pay for itself since the public wouldn’t want sonic booms and got the U.S. program canceled.

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Not sure if I would be sad about that.

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Op · 3 mo. ago
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True! In fact when researching for my project I read about the final flight from New York to Seattle (where it was put in a museum) and, in order for it to go supersonic, they had to fly through Canada. Super interesting!

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Because it’s annoying.

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Yes, because it doesn't produce one "boom" when going supersonic, and then flies with the same sound as other planes, Superman tv shows and movies have also lied about supersonic flight. The p[lane produces that same sound all the time, so no one sane would let supersonic jets to reguarly fly over the inhabited territory, which is why Concord flew over the ocean

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Was it allowed to fly supersonic over the ocean?

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Weird because I’m fairly certain I used to hear them as a kid on Long Island, SSTs used to take off from JFK en route to Europe.
It wasn’t normal jet noise, but if it wasn’t breaking the sound barrier I don’t know what it was.

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Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement were the pilots?

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Their first HBO special is one of the greatest musical stand up bits ever done. I quote Albie the Racist Dragon and Business Time regularly, especially when its Wednesday and the conditions are perfect


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