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[OC] The Dow Jones turns 125 years old. In its honor, I put this together to show its history

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Thank you for your Original Content, /u/jcceagle!
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I knew I shoulda bought early...

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Thank god r/wallstreetbets wasn’t around 100 years ago.

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The best time to buy was yesterday. The second best time is today.

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I’m selling everything on Tuesday!

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Shoulda been Warren Buffet!


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The periods marked as "recession" move differently from the curve, and end up in entirely the wrong place.

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Op · 1 yr. ago
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Oh yes, I didn't notice that. There must be a bug in the script. Thanks for picking this up.


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1980 to 2020 is an insane rise in wealth for people who matched the performance of the market.

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Which is exactly why I’m an index fund investor. No need to beat the market when the market does fine on its own.

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That dot-com bubble.

I've also been alive most of that time, so clearly it's all my doing.

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This really needs to be done in a log scale and adjusted for inflation. The bull market of the 70s was eroded by inflation. The bull market in the past 10 years looks bigger than it was because they don't use a log scale. In the first 20 years of the graph the market trippled but it does not appear to be as big as the current run since they don't use a log scale.

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I think it’s correlated to cuts in capital gains taxes, and lowering interest rates. The cut in capital gains made it profitable to take profits versus reinvestment, and lower prime rates made stocks a better investment which combined with more liquidity caused even more stock investment. This is the inflation that people were expecting except it wasn’t in consumer prices because consumers didn’t have the money. Investors had the money so we saw massive inflation across investment prices.


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