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I cant HANDLE knit-fluencers making summer tops with wool & mohair! PLEASE STOP!

I know this is probably a common pet peeve,but as someone who lives in the middle east just the thought of wearing a mohair bra
[real thing i just saw on instagram as a test knit...] makes my skin crawl.

I know some areas of the world have much cooler summer BUT STILL there is zero practicality in wearing a WOOL TANK TOP for the love of god just make a plant fiber tank top and a lightweight fingering wool cardigan or something

I can bet none of these knitfluencers actually wear their mohair tank tops in the summer.

Edit :
to clarify my issue,many "summer" designs i like are made out of fingering sw merino,and that gauge vs plant fiber gauge is completely different,
that means for every pattern i have to redo the math just to knit it with a cotton blend.
So i'm bitter about it because even in SUMMER designs i feel like people in my side of the world aren't being catered to.

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Check out This Orange Couch knitting podcast if you want some inspiration . She lives in a place with hot summers and doesn’t use wool. She knits tons of things designed for wool in plant fibers.

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I can’t even wear knitted plant fibers in the summer. They end up being too thick and hot, even at fine gauges.

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I hear you on mohair in summer, I can barely wear it in winter and I do live where it gets below freezing. All my new sweaters are fingering weight because wool is just warm. I like wool baselayers in summer for hiking including underwear, but companies like smartwool and darn tough can create much finer and thinner material than I could ever knit up. Plus they incorporate fibers like elastene which helps hold shape. There are days though this summer that I have had to swap for my super thin running sun shirt because even the lightest weight merino shirt was too warm. I think I would have to be right under the AC vent to consider mohair.

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I can't speak to hand-knits, but I was just in a textiles course over the spring in college and we learned that some manufacturers are making wool clothing for summer because wool is lovely, and apparently can actually be breathable for the summer weather.

Though I'm tend to be inclined to agree that I'd prefer the plant-based fibers for hand-knit and crochet wear; some of it is really quite lovely to work with and not the stiff Sugar and Cream type stuff.

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Where I live it’s nice and cold and hot at the same time. One time it was so cold I had on a hoodie and got a sunburn where i wasn’t covered.

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I do wish there was a wider variety of patterns for viscose and linen, and that they were more available. Summers are heck on me and I burn easily so I need to cover up but I have to spend weeks adjusting a pattern because the ease with plant fiber yarn is not the ease of wool. Wool is stretchy and has great drape. Cotlin has lovely weight but no give. Viscose has great drape and shone but also no give. So adapting patterns is a nightmare. But necessary if you want fitted sleeves.

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I think it's that a lot of knitters don't fully accept plant fibers into their hearts. They have a reputation for being harder to knit with, they aren't as fancy as wool or mohair, they aren't trendy, most hand dyed yarn is wool, and I'm guessing most designers either shop their stash or partner with yarn brands which leads to wool.

It's a shame though, because plant fibers really are great, and there's a HUGE variety to them, not all cottons are the same.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

I mean i get being biased towards animal fiber,im totally more passionate about wool than i am plant fiber,but i sadly don't have a choice since again - wool isn't a thing here.
I can understand though,it's hard to get used to plant fiber knitting if youve mostly knitted with wool.

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Most people are probably in air conditioning, so it doesn’t matter if it is wool. I get your point though.

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Theoretically wool is great at wicking sweat and apparently serious hiking people like wool underwear even in summer to prevent swamp-ass -- but if I'm wearing wool at anything above freezing temps, I get itchy AF. Maybe because I don't have a high enough quality of wool? But I cannot stand itching, I refuse.

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Yes, the wool hiking gear is very real. I exclusively wear wool underthings (bra, socks, underwear) and baselayers (tshirt, long johns, midweight zip pullover) when hiking. I backpack so I'm out in the woods for multile days/weeks at a time and not only does the wool breathe, it doesn't smell like polyester baselayers do.

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I do wanna add that sweat wicking doesn't help that much with heat if you live somewhere humid. Theoretically wool gets the sweat off your body and into the air to keep you cool, but if it's humid it doesn't really go anywhere.

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You might have a wool allergy. The type of wool does matter, but I have friends with wool allergies, and we only found out because my softest, nicest blends still made them itch.

Also, if you're in a country where Berocco is available, it's not Lion Brand levels of a affordable, but it's a good midpoint (range is $10 - $20 a ball) with some very soft wool options.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

see in my country people hike with sandals,not socks. so that just shows you a difference in climate.

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@ your edit. This is a genuine (not snarky) question: if the gauge doesn’t match wool for cotton can’t you just adjust the needle size?

I always just swap out needles until the gauge matches and pay no mind to the recommended fiber type but have never swapped animal fiber for plant (usually I sub for acrylic blends or superwash because I’m knitting for a toddler). I have a cashmerino pattern that I’m about to start with 100% cotton, am I going to get in trouble?

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Op · 2 mo. ago

Sometimes its as simple as changing needle size and sometimes the construction/stitches just looks completely off when i try to recreate the pattern with plant fibers,the way cotton mix fibers stretches also really depends.[it can be both super stretchy or none at all]

just take into consideration cotton feels much heavier than animal fibers and the gauge difference etc..

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Why is OP being downvoted? Is this not r/craftsnark? Rule number 5 people, not everyone needs to like what you like. People are allowed to snark on shit they don't like.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

its not even that i dislike it,i physically CANT wear it. ive stated many times in the post that i would give up an arm to live in a climate where you can wear sweaters all year round,yet those people are the ones most offended by this post? weird

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I don't understand wool bikinis

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Wool holds so much water, you'd be better off wearing a sponge because at least that holds its shape.


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