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The AI is depicted as a villain for trying to prevent the humans from returning to Earth and re-populating it.

But the humans had no need to do so. The humans were living in a utopian society that was without money, religion, borders, class or politics. They had no concept of private property, hospitals, prisons, job or taxes. They woke up, went about their day doing nothing because they had nothing to do, and slept. Everything was being managed by the machines and the humans were living blissfully happy. They had reached a stage in society where they were completely self sufficient and efficiently reliant on machines.

The captain wanted to take everyone back on a planet that was more or less utterly uninhabitable by pollution, force everyone to leave their comfortable lives and start working again in harsh conditions. And for what? Just to destroy the planet again several generations down the line? Bring back the days of war, diseases, taxes, class divides and what not? I can only imagine the humans having a difficult time to adapt back to earth and dying by the thousands due to new diseases, climates and their bodies being unused to even the smallest manual labor.

The AI was doing the right thing to keep the humans onboard in space forever.

Edit:- I understand the POV of the majority of commenters saying that humans need purpose and the society inside the spaceship was stagnant, unhealthy and dangerously ignorant regardless of the peace and comforts they had achieved. However, simply returning to Earth is not a viable solution. If they must return, it would have to be in a phased manner once they had made sure it was inhabitable, pollution free and not crawling with deadly diseases that may have evolved in their absence. Or they can choose to continue living inside the safety and comforts of the space ship, but with their new found awareness, they can find a purpose to live out - be it exploring Earth like planets with extra terrestrial life, unravel the mysteries, or just about anything they like.

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Let’s say in theory you walk in some mud with your shoes. You get home to clean your soles. Is your first instinct to wipe it with tissue or wet wipes?

This is basically where my argument rests. Lots of people complain about having “spicy hot” or “stinging” backsides. Usually, not cleaning properly is the cause.

That’s why hose bidets are a solution. You clean up well, and then you can go on with your day (you can even use soap, mind you for extra cleanliness).

One downside would be what people call “swamp ass”, which isn’t a problem until you decide not to dry after you are done. Just clean up, use TP to dry off and throw the TP in the bin, and don’t flush it. You don’t want to cause clogs.

PS japanese toilets are nice as well

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In the US, the states of California, Texas, and Wisconsin set the age of consent at 18 without a legal exemption when one person is 16/17 and the other is 18/19 (assuming they are unmarried). Thus, it would be a crime for the older partner (18-19) to have sex with the younger partner (16-17). I think it is bad for there to not be a legal exemption in these cases:

The damage caused by these relationships due to the age gap alone isn't that substantial. People do change as they get older but a difference of a year or two at that age isn't that large, often unnoticable. There are many 16 and 18 year olds who are in a similar stage in life, have the same interests, have the same social groups, and are be able to have a healthy relationship with each other.


A lot of people are unaware of their region's exact age of consent laws. It is likely that many of the teens in the states I mentioned would not know that it would be a crime even if the younger partner and older partner were just a couple days apart (assuming they are unmarried). It can be very easy for a teen to commit this crime without realizing that they violated the law.


A couple could get together at a younger age without taking the law into consideration. When the older partner becomes an adult, it may be difficult for them to break up and/or abstain from all sexual behavior until the younger partner is over 18.


Criminalizing these age gaps leads to money and resources being spent in the legal system to resolve useless cases that shouldn't exist. A younger partner or parent might try to get the older partner in trouble with the law for unimportant or ridiculous reasons. Blackmail could also be a problem.

While these problems exist for other violations of the age of consent, I think that the percent of reported cases which are a waste of resources are much greater than that of other cases where the age gap is bigger or the younger partner is younger.

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By revenge porn here, I'm referring to any pornographic content shared without the subjects consent unless a reasonable argument can be made that the content was already in the public domain.

It's a broader definition of revenge porn than even the law in the United Kingdom uses.

All over reddit there are examples of private, intimate media being shared without the subjects consent. There are entire subreddits like r/WifepicTrading set up specifically for this purpose.

Countless posts on there and many other NSFW subreddits make it clear that consent has not been gained for those images to be posted and yet, the posts are allowed to remain up and users are allowed to continue trading people's nudes like they're pokemon cards.

It's deeply disturbing to me and I'd like to see reddit take action to deal with the issue, like other adult sites have had to do, Pornhub being the prime example.

I understand it can be difficult to moderate content on large subreddits, but site wide a rule should be introduced to ban these sorts of subreddits and posts and the accounts engaging in that activity.

I'll admit, it's going to be rather difficult to CMV on this one, because it is something I feel very strongly about, that being said I'm open to hearing criticism of it and I'm interested to see what the arguments against prohibiting this content are. My views on porn generally probably aren't the standard, so I'm willing to concede I might be taking too draconian a line on this, but let's see.

What are your thoughts reddit?


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