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I need to know for those in a rural Northwest USA area, are you having difficulty finding cat litter, wet canned food , dry food and cat treats in the stores ? I have been ordering these things on the internet for 2 neighbors, and have quit them. The text ends with a major cat owners question.

We all live in a senior populated area in rural Washington state. Before COVID, the 2 women next door had difficulty finding cat supplies, and that got harder each year. We are all disabled, but because they are computer illiterate they cannot order supplies. After they wrecked both their cars, I did substantial computer work voluntarily for them . They are bad tempered, but I did it. This included legal papers , medical forms and cat supplies. They are disliked, but I let much go until this week when they attacked me verbally. They have a car now and are feeling power. I cannot drive because I am physically more disabled. I recognize that they are headed to a bad place ( rest home or jail ). I had to quit when due to their paranoia I was attacked. Apparently , others also quit including their servants. They also were rejected by their surviving siblings. I worked for free. I am angry. I would like to know the following since they are now being shunned because since they told too many lies about everyone and attacking verbally, they cannot replace me. Monthly I ordered 14 boxes of wet cat food ( 12 cans per box, Primavera) , 5 sacks of 9 pounds of cat litter, 1 large sack of dry food, and 5 canisters of " Treats " , can they get all that easily ? They enjoyed delivery to their door. In rain. Snow. Right now it's sunny. The gas alone should be $150 to $200 a month. We have Walmart and another store, so they have to drive 2 hours to and from stores inland.
I and about everyone who knows them wants them to have a comeuppance. They have 4 huge cats. The mean women are over 65 . I am 61, physically fragile but my mind is nimble . Any info, and I admit I love the idea of the hauling all that in the cold coastal rain is....gratifying. They taunt " We have a new car now, we do not need anyone ! " Hee hee hee.... their housekeeping staff quit, I quit, hee hee hee...

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There have been quite a bit of shortages especially at larger stores. I do instacart and half the time the cat food aisles are barren to a point that I can't even find suitable replacements. Not sure if that answers your question or not.

I will say, if they are treating you poorly, do not feel bad and continue working for them. These are not your pets and it is not your job to feed them because their owners cannot take care of them. If you suspect that they are neglecting their animals, you can contact your local ASPCA (or another shelter) and have them contact animal control so that they can take the cats into safer custody.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

Thank You. When I got attacked I was called many names and then oddly told " We will allow you to continue to order the cat supplies as that is the one thing you do well . " I had got them $25,000 in an insurance claim. Anyway, when I backed away and said I decline, I was told now that they have a car they need no one. And can easily find cat food. I am not worried about the cats. They will get the food. But it will be multiple trips out. And they have wrecked 2 cars in 1 year. And , well more, Your reply is important because you are a present day cat owner. Thank You.


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