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I've been working on a project for a while, and want to build it out on Cardano. This post isn't meant to be about my project--I just want to get a handle on some of this FUD so I can defend my decision to go with Cardano to various angels and investors I'm talking to.

I want to build on Cardano because I think it's the most ideologically legit chain out there, and I trust Charles and the ADA community to drive the ecosystem in a socially positive direction (no freezing of assets on chain, sticking true to ideological roots of the space, etc.).

There's also a ton of exciting features being added with recent CIP and the vasil upgrade. It really does seem like this is the time to hop on Cardano. I really believe the chain is about to see an explosion of project growth and developer activity. Things feel like they are finally maturing, and I feel like the academic, slow and steady approach is about to really pay off.

That being said, I've been doing a lot of networking in NYC crypto circles. I'm trying to raise money for my project, and somewhere in those conversations the choice of which chain I want to build on comes up.

People in the space, especially VCs, seem to really despise Cardano. Now, most of the time I can just brush this off as an uneducated bias, since most of these people don't know a single thing about Cardano and have no clue about recent CIP, the level of community involvement, or Project Catalyst. They don't seem to really have an understanding of euxto model, or interesting developments like Babel fees, reference scripts, etc.

But recently, I met someone at an NFT event in NYC who had some criticism that I really couldn't address. I'm not going to say who they are, but this individual has worked with dozens of different chains and has been very involved in the space. He got me a bit spooked by claiming I would be taking MASSIVE risks by building on Cardano, because--in his words--the chain is not doing enough to build interoperability with other chains, and my project would end up on an 'island'.

I don't know much about chain interoperability from a technical perspective, other than knowing some basic things about bridges, etc (I'm not an engineer or coder). But he was talking about other technical developments other than bridges. Unfortunately I don't remember exactly what he said, but the general take away was that Cardano is not doing enough to build cross-chain interoperability, and has somehow ostracized itself from interoperability initiatives.

This is a particular strong concern for me, because I want my project to eventually be interoperable with other projects that are in the Celo's ecosystem, but would much rather build on Cardano.

If Cardano doesn't become part of a cross-chain ecosystem, then this could put me in a less-than-ideal position down the road.

Can anyone help me address the interoperability FUD? What is Cardano doing to build interoperability with other major chains (including Ethereum)? Are there any inherent technical issues that would make interoperability with other chains difficult, or impossible? Are there interoperability initiatives that Cardano is refusing to participate in?

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Hey Everyone!

Let’s go….

Newly Covered Today:

  1. Pavia says it is putting in the work on completing the new map!

  2. Welcome to Basho, friends: “One transaction distributed 16,164 ada to 217 holders for a fee of 0.78173 ada”.

  3. NIDO is releasing his latest song and he says you can own part of the streaming royalties.

  4. Binance Smart Chain was “suspended” due to a “potential exploit”.

  5. Pavia has released a roadmap through the end of 2023.

  6. You can now drive around in your Bison moon vehicles in Carda Station.

  7. Reports are coming in that Celsius doxxed all of its users in a hearing filing? This followed reports that Celsius executives withdrew tens of millions of dollars shortly before the bankruptcy.

Previously covered, but still interesting:

  1. Charles has released a video on the energy and climate implications of crypto in the U.S.

  2. Reach is currently making the transition from Reach Metaverse 1.0 to Reach Explorer 2.0.

  3. ADA Whale makes a very good point regarding VC money in Cardano.

  4. The Carda Station Community Hub is now open.


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