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DC Films “Reset” Adds More Confusion for Warner Bros.’ Slate - After David Zaslav shelved 'Batgirl' and declared a new ten-year plan is in the works, the future of the comic book power house is less clear than it has been in years.

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Will there even be a DC Fandome this year after all this drama last week?

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I hope so, but I understand if they do not want to do it.

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Would be the best time to announce future projects

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Definitely. Hence the low profile in SDCC. Alan horn will be tasked to find the "feige" and announcements will be made. I guess fandom will be slated only after Black Adam release. What ever a Superman movie announcement (with or without Cavill) will mostly be the cornerstone of the next fandom event I guess.

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I don't think so. They mentioned that they have an investors day at the end of the year, tho

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I think DC needs some form of PR rehabilitation but I can see them not doing it this year.

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the future of the comic book power house is less clear than it has been in years.

From October 2014 until the release of Batman v Superman in 2016, there was technically a "clear" future. But it only took the release of a single film for that "clarity" to vanish like the illusion it was.

After utter chaos for literally years, Hamada came in with a new strategy, guided by mandates to produce content for HBO Max. Was it a good strategy? We can argue either way, but we'll never actually know because the first film he greenlit under that strategy was Black Adam. Hamada's strategy will never actually be market-tested.

(Since I'll be challenged on this: Yes, you can make a case for The Batman being basically Hamada's first greenlit film. Reeves had been hired before Hamada was put in charge, but the development was likely scrapped down to the foundation in early 2018 after Hamada started, with Reeves doing a complete rewrite of the script in mid-2018 to reflect Affleck's withdrawal from the project. But, if so, it becomes even more difficult to describe Hamada's strategy as any kind of failure.)

Looking back in the other direction, BvS itself was the result of Man of Steel having a divisive audience response, prompting WB to pivot and add Batman to the sequel in order to juice the box office.

And before that, it was Green Lantern that was supposed to launch the DCEU.

So the last "clear" plan was blown up before a single film released and the three "clear" plans before that were each blown up AFTER a single movie was released.

When they announce the next "clear" 10 year plan for DC films, I'd recommend a healthy degree of skepticism.

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BvS screwed DC.It's been downhill after that.

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...dude what are you talking about? The Flash (2018), Justice League Part 2 (2019), Cyborg (2020), and Green Lantern (2020) are some of the most profitable and critically acclaimed movies of all time.

I don't know what alternate universe you're in.

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prompting WB to pivot and add Batman to the sequel in order to juice the box office.

Uhn no the Avengers releasing the year before MoS made them pivot to that.

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· 2 mo. ago
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The remarks were not well received inside DC, according to multiple insiders who used the same word to describe members of the film division: “pissed.” And DC Films president Walter Hamada nearly exited after learning of the shelving of Batgirl before being convinced to stay on at least until the Oct. 21 release of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. (That film had a June test screening, including a new post-credits scene introducing a new element to Johnson’s place in the DC Universe.)

Before Warners’ sale to Discovery, Hamada was gearing up to release three or four films a year. The executive was brought on in 2018 to chart a new course for DC after a road map spearheaded by Zack Snyder imploded in the wake of the disastrous release of Justice League in 2017.

Hamada’s plans were said to have included a Crisis on Infinite Earths event, a take on the seminal DC Comics story that was adapted for TV on The CW. Rumors circulated about introducing the Secret Six, a villain team that in the comics have been Suicide Squad antagonists. More concretely, Warners had films based on Supergirl, Green Lantern Corps and Static Shock expected in the next few years, plus a J.J. Abrams-produced Black Superman film from writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. Development has slowed, with none of those features attaching directors.

Some key collaborators have received assurances their projects are safe. The Suicide Squad filmmaker James Gunn has multiple projects in development at DC, including season two of Peacemaker, which is moving forward. Insiders say Blue Beetle, starring Xolo Maridueña DC’s first Latino superhero, is also on track for its August 2023 release date. After Batgirl‘s cancellation, observers had feared for the project, given that it at one time was slated for HBO Max before being upgraded to theatrical. The studio is also moving full steam ahead with a sequel to Joker, with Lady Gaga confirming her casting the morning of the WBD earnings call.

Work has kept up on The Flash, which has been testing well. Miller participated in regularly scheduled additional photography over the summer, apparently without incident, before being charged with burglary — their third arrest this year — on Aug. 7 in Vermont. Still, neither DC nor Zaslav has indicated the film will move from its June 2023 release date, though insiders say the studio is evaluating all options.

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How did they not catch Miller while filming reshoots?

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Sounds like a bunch of bad ideas

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Reminder that Hamada wanted to give Static Shock the Batgirl treatment and dump it straight to HBO Max, and this was straight from his mouth. So there's a high chance that many planned projects mentioned in this article were going to be overpriced CW productions too if not for Zaslav.

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The executive was brought on in 2018 to chart a new course for DC after a road map spearheaded by Zack Snyder imploded in the wake of the disastrous release of Justice League in 2017.

He's done a terrible job of that as well.

You'd be forgiven for thinking there was no plan, rather than this being a roadmap Hamada had worked out.

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Marvel Studios

It’s pretty clear Zaslav is refocusing the universe on Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman and the JL before possibly branching off to lesser known characters. It’s also far more clear than whatever the fuck DC was doing for the past 3 years (throwing a ton of shit at the wall and seeing what sticks). I’m more than happy with the new direction.


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