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Chakra: Crown

Color: Violet, until all 7 main chakras of the rainbow bridge are cleared, and it turns white. It also creates a white aura in the physical and the non physical who’ve ascended, which is why angels were depicted as cloaked in white by ancient clairvoyants/artists.

Universal Laws of this Chakra: Law of Vibration, Law of Gender, Law of Rhythm

This is where things get a bit frightening. This chakra is outside the body, and this dimension is non physical. The 4th dimension is the astral realm. We access it through deep meditation, hypnosis, dreams, and hallucinogenic drugs. Some people are born with strong Crown chakras—myself included. They are in the 4D all the time, wide awake and sober. They are in tune with the non physical, the metaphysical. Their reality isn’t experienced or accepted as real by everyone. What’s the difference between a shaman, a spiritual guru, a psychic—or someone plagued by mental illness, diagnosed schizophrenic, prescribed medication to cope?

How grounded they are.

That’s it.

We experience everything in the 4D before the 3D. You have dreamed your entire life before living it. That’s why people experience deja vu. They don’t consciously remember the scene already occurring in the 4D, but they subconsciously do, so it feels familiar.

You can manifest anything you can fantasize about in the 4D if you are grounded. If you’re ungrounded, your fantasies cannot come into reality. Fantasies become escapism. Worst of all, if you’re ungrounded enough, you cannot distinguish what’s “real” from what’s not. You’re in the 4D only. You’re in purgatory, between realms. Because you must be grounded in the 3D to bring your wildest dreams of the 5D into the physical world, ungrounded people trapped in the 4D are instead living a nightmare. Like a bad drug trip, it’s all in their heads. These people live in their heads and outside their bodies. This is a trauma response. They’ve dissociated from the physical (2D and 3D) because of how horrific it was.

They are not in control of themselves or their lives. Life is something happening to them, something to endure. They’re in a never ending cycle of spiritual warfare. They love downers—alcohol, weed, heroin, Vicodin, ketamine. Downers offer temporary relief by lowering their consciousness, allowing them to feel grounded for the time being. They are avoidant of people and social situations, often expressing the desire to live in the wilderness or off the grid. They don’t like major cities because that’s the 3D they wish to escape. They’re bad with money. Unemployment, homelessness, bankruptcy, or financial codependency are common. Even if they make a ton of money, it slips through their hands. Any woman who does sex work, has a sugar daddy, or stays in an unhappy relationship with a “provider” is ungrounded. The men are likely to do illegal things for money, or live on the fringes of society. Many end up institutionalized by prison, rehab, mental health facilities or hospitals. They are imprisoned by their own minds, their fearful thoughts and paranoias. The 3D reflects this.

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When reading about Jesus, it’s obvious he was completely misunderstood and went right over the Apostles heads. Jesus was teaching near Taoist and Pantheistic values. He was an enlightened man trying to spread his knowledge with Jewish men. All the stories where Jesus does not speak, or are talked about in a fictional style (describing Jesus’ experiences when no one else was around) can be ignored because they are almost 100% fabricated, but the stories where his parables are shared, he speaks, and is with many of the apostles can be taken seriously. Jesus was trying to explain to his apostles life is just a transference of energy, no different then moving a cup. He was trying to explain pantheism through the Eucharist and his various other approaches to the topic. This is why Christianity is so close to being polytheistic. Jesus used the Holy Spirit to explain energy, we reunite with the Holy Spirit after death (similar to reuniting with the Tao in Taoism). Jesus’ was essentially putting life force energy in terms that Jewish men can understand. Jesus was agaisnt organized relgion and tried to emphasize one’s own spiritual journey without a religious organization. Although this a little insane, I’m starting to believe he actually gave the apostles Shrooms or something of that nature, which would explain experiences like the transfiguration and his “resurrection.” There’s a lot more about this subject and a lot more to learn about Jesus, but this should start a good conversation. I would recommend actually buying a Bible and just reading the New Testament and really look at what he is trying to say within the barrier of Judaism.

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