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The Morrison Government’s 2022-2023 Federal Budget has slashed funding for public schools by $559 million over the next three years, whilst increasing funding for private schools by $2.6 billion

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Have I misunderstood the meaning of private schools my whole life or something, why are so called 'private' schools getting government money? Isn't that what their massive tuitions are for?

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· 6 mo. ago · edited 6 mo. ago

You have severely misunderstood the meaning of private schools haha

Check this out:

A billion dollars in revenue and $925M of it is from Government grants.

Edit: Since this comment got a few replies, I wanted to point out that this billion dollars is just the 144 Catholic schools in Brisbane.

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Your mistake was thinking that LNP voters are against social welfare programs, such as government funded education.

They're not against them. They're against them being accessed by other people.

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In Australia, they are subsidised by the government. In the UK they are fully privately funded.

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The private school argument is along the lines of "I don't want to send my child to THAT school, I want to send them to a school I choose, and since I pay taxes like everyone else the government should still fund it".

Which is fine, but then these schools charge the parents extra fees (which they willingly pay), meaning the school gets the government component + whatever extra they charge.

From one perspective it kind of makes sense. From another needs based perspective it's all messed up.

Edit: the increases included in the budget for the next 4 years are for the increased rate of signups that are apparently happening in the private school sector. Which is hardly surprising if the government keeps making it look like they are better funded.

And I don't even think that logic stands up to the scrutiny of per-child funding.

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I went to a private school. It was about as cheap as they come though. My dad was on the board. He said they let children attend when parents couldn't pay a dollar. They would often moonlight as cleaners to cover some of the fees, but the school got more value from a student attending and the parent paying squat diddly, than if they didn't attend at all. That's how much funding they get.

But it was probably the cheapest private school you could get. So it's not comparable to a grammar school, but still..

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It is so appalling that the public has to pay for rich kids to get educated in private schools. Public funds are mainly paid by the bottom 90pct. The top 10pct paid little tax due negative gearing and franking dividends. They can definitely paid all the private school fees. Pls vote lnp last and out. They are unfit to govern.

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Some mornings, Australia needs a kick in the fucking head.

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I remember when I was in year 8, John Howard came to our school to provide a massive grant.
I was confused as fuck coz I was wondering why we needed money when the school fees were like $4k a year.

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Op · 6 mo. ago

Disgusting but unsurprising from this lot.

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The only surprising thing is that he didn't give private schools more, and public schools less.

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This is fucked. My sister works at a public school and they already have no fucking money.
She has to buy supplies for her class with her own money because she has no budget spare.

Special Needs kids come through into classes and get no help because the school has no budget for assistance.
Meanwhile Catholic schools are building tennis courts.

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Can confirm, have two students in my class that need aides and we just can't get them

Also spent about 50 bucks just on white board markers, pens and blu tac over the weekend

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What the hell. I thought teachers buying supplies was only a USA thing

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