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"You believe in science because someone wrote it in a book and you have to have faith to believe that, that's no different from us except we know there's a god"

I heard this argument from three different people online yesterday. Evidently they never had the high school physics lab where they test Newton's law of motion....

But that aside, tell that to all the surgeons who apparently operate on FAITH that their techniques work, or the engineers building bridges and launching satellites because they BELIEVE that someone who described gravity was right. What world do these people live in?

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Make it a challenge. You each get to pick an experiment from each others' book to reproduce and see who can succeed.

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· 2 mo. ago

and put money on it. take all the action you can get.

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· 2 mo. ago

Thou shall not test the Lord thy god!

So nanananabooboo, no need to reproduce anything from their holy book.

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· 2 mo. ago

Ooo, I've got one. Breed white sheep in front of poplar with stripes peeled in the bark and see if the babies come out speckled.

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The problem is that faith is not reproducible. If it works, it’s a miracle. If it doesn’t it was gods plan to teach us a lesson in between the lines.


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It absolutely is different. We absolutely do not believe science just because someone wrote it in a book. That’s what religions do. Believe just because someone wrote it in a book. A really, really old book written by people that didn’t know where the sun went at night.

We accept the findings of science because there’s evidence. It’s testable, verifiable, and has been peer-reviewed.

Faith is belief without evidence, and often in the face of evidence to the contrary. Faith has no place in science.

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Science also constantly challenges its own findings. The Bible and religion itself are not to be questioned or you'll burn.

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· 2 mo. ago
Agnostic Atheist

Key point: testable and can be verified independently. Christians read the same book and can't even agree on basic shit.

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· 2 mo. ago

The best comparison I've ever heard is that if both science and religion were both spontaneously erased from our collective memory - only science would arrive at the same conclusions as time passes. Religion would be completely different and situational to the people who make it up - different god(s), different profits.

We personify everything and that has HELPED humanity for a long while to loosely understand the laws of nature and the passing of the elements. Our imagination is wonderful and that imagination is what led us to the sciences. It is now our RESPONSIBILITY to reject unhelpful superstitions, or beliefs that only benefit the ruling class. Replacing magic with logical systems is the only way we can live in such a dense society and thrive equally.

-- and to bring it full circle, the only reason I can say these things is because evidence has led us here time and time again. Enough to know the truth. It's not sexy or flashy, but it's the truth we all need to learn.

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An important phrasing.. science works even when you don't believe in it.

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Agreed. It's projection on their part. Like how they say we believe something came from nothing ( we don't, they just lack the basic understanding of big bang cosmology) while when pressed about where and how the universe began, it boils down to "god did it with his magic, seemingly out of nothing"; forgetting that many Christian theologians believe that something did come from nothing (Creatio ex nihilo) to explain how a God created everything including matter simultaneously at the initial cosmic moment. They say, pointing to “the Big Bang” that something can’t come from nothing even though physicists and scientists are not saying or asserting this but will use said argument when asked to provide an answer to how their God created the universe. They never seem to understand their hypocrisy. Or they say, “God has always existed, he was never created.” Okayyy… so, something CAN come from nothing. Got it, thanks.

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And the point of science class is challenging some of their claims and seeing how they hold up to tests.

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And the findings of science are tested and retested and over time become more understandable and accurate.

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In addition, I can personally pick some random concept described in "a science book" and do some more studying to understand it well and then go and test it and see that it works with my own eyes and my own test apparatus (with varying levels of effort and accessibility depending on the subject). But even concepts as esoteric as relativity are accessible with modern consumer devices. Access to cheap consumer items like precision optics, clocks, digital cameras, computers and basic microcontrollers are a total game changer. They have made lots of things that were accessible only to people with multi-million dollar budgets (or just outright impossible) with the technology of 50 years ago accessible to anyone with some time, a computer, and likely some additional off the shelf equipment that you can easily order online for anywhere from a few dollars to $10,000 depending on what you're trying to do.


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