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Wholesome2SilverTake My Energy

Rant, Apex streamers kind of suck now..?

I'm getting more and more annoyed. It's kind of crazy how so many streamers will swear, whine, insult/swear, and (falsley) justify any time they lose a clean, fair 1v1 or 3v3.

Streamer: Gets downed by a team because they're out of position "BRO they're so bad, they're just holding hands, bunch of p$$!es man!"

Streamer: Loses a clean 1v1 "DUDE he's one shot what a terrible player I would have won if I had an R-99, he sucks for real"

*A player uses a sniper "Man what a loser he's griefing our game and cAn'T pUSh uS sO he HaS tO SniPE"

It just sucks I used to watch like 3 or 4 streamers, but they'd die/lose and turn into giant man-babies who can't handle a loss, and can't seem to comprehend that someone can (surprised gasp) actually play better than them.

You mean they're using TEAMWORK!? to WIN the GAME!?!?!? They must be animal abusers man, who would do that.

Wait, this solo is trying to run away from the fight? To stay alive for more RP? Dude I can't believe he hasn't given up on his sad little life yet.

It's like they can't believe that players won't line up to let him kill them.? If they play cover they're a coward, of they use weapon/legend meta they're using a handicap, and if they use good movement they need to get a life..???? Bruh

The utter lack of sportsmanship, grace, and decency is kind of crazy to me. Idk man maybe I'm just in the wrong communities, but the general level of toxicity in the streaming community seems to be only rising..

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Few days ago I met a streamer in enemy team in arenas

Joined his chat after the game, he said that we (his opponents, I was solo) played well

That felt nice, will be trying to drop in his chat from time to time, he is still a very small streamer

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· 2 mo. ago
Unholy Beast

I was playing Apex with a friend who's a pretty big "Tbag the TTV"

We ran into two streamers, had a fair 2v2 which we won. He found their stream and I popped in to say GG's and such. They were really friendly and nice. They werent mad at all about getting bagged by my friend and such

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· 2 mo. ago

My friend and I got paired with a streamer in a ranked game and we ended up dying pretty early, leaving him on his own. I told him I’d sub if he got the win and he proceeded to absolutely pop off and wipe out the rest of the lobby. Needless to say he earned his sub.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

That's that wholesome shit I'm looking for bro, who is he?


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· 2 mo. ago

This is not Apex exclusive. Click on the top streamers of any competitive game, and they will be screaming the whole game.

Try to scroll down, like 100-200 viewers max, there is where you will find the wholesome players.

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· 2 mo. ago

Used to watch IceManIsaac when Warzone started getting popular, as he had helpful tips on how to play. Now he just whines if he can't get his "40-bomb" and calls for the thing that got him killed to be nerfed.

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· 2 mo. ago

Only exception I can think of is macro, he's chill

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· 2 mo. ago

Not entirely true, the most toxic streamers I've seen are between 100-200 viewers, while streamers like mande and itztimmy are big and wholesome. It's most of the people with like 5 viewers that are the most wholesome.

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A bigger player who is super chill is apryze. Watched him for a while and the vibes are great

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And those 100-200 viewer streamers will constantly smurf and call it a "solo to pred" challenge. A good example is gdolphn.

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Well that just makes it sound like a business decision then

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· 2 mo. ago

One of the most popular Overwatch streamers actually never complains that I have seen and is very decent and wholesome. There's a few actually. Of course there are plenty of toxic ones too.

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That's because those players are either good or a little wholesome to watch. The actual big streams have huge audiences because they're very expressive: They have crazy reactions and have more high energy commentary. Those guys that just sit back and chill, and don't talk too much ... they don't get huge viewercounts, even if their gameplay is high level.

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Except seagull, he gets like 3k but is old enough to not care and has he perspective to relax too


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