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Dear Amazon employee who blasts loud ass music from your truck while delivering packages in my gentrified neighborhood,

I fucking love you and fully support you doing whatever helps you get through your treacherous day. Whenever I hear your thrashing metal guitar licks coming down my block I get as excited as a kid hearing the ice cream truck. You aren’t delivering to me - I don’t have an Amazon account - but you do brighten my day. I see the way you sprint from the truck, to the doorstep, then back to the truck. For real, a sprint. Fuck Amazon. You keep rocking.

(I did snag a brief video of them today but decided to not share it in case the license plate or person were identifiable; I’m no snitch)

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· 2 mo. ago

As an Amazon driver, I do this, and I appreciate the support,

Any requests?

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Rage Against the Machine

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It's going to sound weird, but "Diggy Diggy Hole" cover by Wind Rose

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I request that you have a good day

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You can't go wrong with Iron Maiden

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Serj Tankian and the Elect the Dead Symphony - lie lie lie

Gojira - Art of Dying

Ensiferum - Wanderer

Sublime - Doin Time eerie splendor remix

Jurassic 5 - Golden

Living Legends - Speed of Life

Aesop Rock - Rings

Eyedea - Even Shadows have Shadows

Atmosphere - January on Lake Street

Primus - Tommy the Cat

Tool - Schism

MF DOOM - deep fried friends

Deltron 3030 - do you remember

Zion I & The Grouch - Silly Putty

Josh Martinez - Grown Folks Music

Immortal Technique - 3rd World Son

Jedi Mind Tricks - I Against I

God Forbid - Divide my Destiny

Ministry - Burning Inside

KMFDM - Dogma

Minor Threat - Minor Threat

White Zombie - Soul Crusher

Flogging Molly - Black Friday Rule

Modest Mouse - Black Cadillacs

Deep Purple - Speed King

Brother Ali - Forest Whitaker

Snak the Ripper - Don't Leave

Army of the Pharaohs - Seven

Prof - Gasoline

Mudvayne - Dig

Mastodon - Oblivion

Biohazard - Modern Democracy

Vinnie Paz - Last Breath

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Dick in a box. I don't care if you don't even work in my area. This would bring me joy to know somewhere one of you is blasting that song while delivering boxes to people.

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· 2 mo. ago

As a ups driver, hello Amazon. Just incase you were ever curious we don’t hate ya guys for the increase in deliveries we all use your company too and your out there busting your ass as well so cheers. I request some rob zombie specifically from hellbilly deluxe and I swear to god if I drive past one of you on the road playing it I’ll flip that e brake where im at and come at ya and give a fist bump for helping with the overloaded logistics todays world demands.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

I would never step on your choices! You do whatever lights you up inside. Thank you for your service in the thankless late stage capitalist hellscape. May you unionize and/or otherwise get the pay and working conditions you deserve.

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