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The ground struck his back. Derrick wheezed as the air was forced from his lungs. His eyes blurred as he gasped, trying to regain his breath. Luckily, his head hadn't cracked on the cement. Had that happened he wouldn't have been able to maintain his tenuous hold on consciousness.

Something was making noise. It sounded like yelling, but it was fuzzy in his ears. The cement under his back was hot, and sweat began to bead on his forehead. His eyes whirled in their sockets as he tried to remember what was happening. He had tried to help a woman, right? Something had attacked him. He blinked, attempting to refocus.

The woman was standing over him. Her mouth was open and she was screaming. Something was wrong, he needed to get up, to help. With a groan he rolled over onto his side. Putting his hands under him he got up onto his knees. Turning back towards the woman.

"I'll save you," he slurred.

A boot hit his stomach. He doubled over as the wind was knocked out of him again. He rolled over, losing his balance and moaning in pain. Cursing his weakness he at least tried to get a good look at their attacker. He forced his clenched eyes open, they were finally clear. He glanced around, seeing only the woman.

She was standing over him again, looking down. Her face filled with unbridled rage. She was the one yelling, and it was directed at him. The words only now reach his ears.

"It's mine!" She screamed, her voice cracking in anger. "You can't have it!"

She raised her fist. It was large, too large for the rest of her body. The skin on her arm was cracked or rather it was cracking. Lines ran from her elbow up to her hand. They were widening as she flexed her muscles. An eerie black light throbbed from between the fissures.

"If you interfere with me again," she hissed. "I'll kill you."

Her fist uncurled. She reached out towards the void-like stain on the wall. It had grown larger, the tendrils longer, spreading out searching for a victim.

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Whisper Alley Echos is the best (and only) place to go for all your Gray Hill news. Its a friendly place, once you get used to the neighbors and the fact that the missing person rate is nearly six times higher than the national average.

We hope you come and visit us soon.

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Fear of death has plagued humanity for as long as we’ve been conscious, and unfortunately the recent discoveries have not helped the case.

The previous year, was an absolute chaos. It was the turn of events none of us were expecting nor were prepared for. We’ve gotten so far in the last 10 years in terms of technology that we made what once seemed unimaginable, actually possible.

Thanks to the recent technology we are now able to artificially extend life past our biological age, as it turns out death may be a bug, rather than a feature. If you were to ask me a few years ago if I’d like to extend my life past my biological age, I would’ve been very much against it, as I never really trusted such technology. But unfortunately, nowadays that seems to be the only viable option, given what we know today.

The required equipment though, is currently only available to a limited amount of people, not to mention the cost of buying it. But I don’t doubt that it’s only a matter of time before it become available to the masses, as with any new invention.

A year ago, a group of scientists were going deeper into our brain’s inner workings. It was the first time science had stepped foot on the religious territory to discover the truth on the after life. Years of development and technology evolution all leading to that day.

It turns out consciousness is a very real thing, located on the lower back of the brain, the hindbrain. I don’t wanna go into detail because I’ll probably butcher the information but there’s one small caveat. Even if you were to take the brain and slice it up, we would never be able to see it with our naked eye.

The discovery was made upon taking someone a few seconds after their death, and waiting 5 - 10 minutes for the brain to fully shut down… And that’s the part we had gotten wrong. The brain never truly stops working. For the most part, sure, it will slowly shut down but the hindbrain, specifically the part where the consciousness is located keeps on going.

After further experiments they came to the conclusion that our brain can be on one of these 3 states of consciousness: life, death, and the post mortem stage. The post mortem being the stage one happens to be on after death has taken place, where it’s only you and your awareness of existing. Except now you get to live inside a body that is physically unable to move. This is the final stage of being and the one that we’ll get to experience the longest.

The post mortem stage will last forever.

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As everyone starts taking their seats in the counsel meeting room Chloe and I look at each other and Chloe gives me a nod.
She walks over to Azaria to excuse us from the meeting as meetings like these are only for royals, counsel members and top level leadership.
Chloe “mom we are leaving, we will be in our quarters when you are done.”
Azaria looks up at Chloe with almost surprise. “Why are you leaving? You are part of this.”
Chloe. “I’m no longer a Royal, I was stripped of my title and rank when we were arrested.”
Azaria. “And your title and rank was given back to you when I revoked your sentence.”
Then Azaria looks at me. “As you are the son of Queen Krish you are also royalty and part of this meeting.”

I could feel my head spin, well the whole room started spinning, the next moment I was on the floor with Chloe sitting next to me.
I think everything is just getting too much now, from one thing to another, within a few days I found out I’m not even human, but part of this advanced off world race, then I found my mother, then I was told the only reason I am even able to exist in this universe is because the other me died by been dissected. And to top it all off now I’ve been given royal status and am expected to join a meeting which might determine the fate of all of existence.

Chloe. “Are you okay?”
Me. “I think so.” I try to get up but it feels like every time I try to move the room starts to spin.
Azaria. “Call medical, we will resume the meeting when he has recovered.”

After a few minutes I find myself in a white room surrounded by medical professionals.
I could see a doctor speaking to Azaria and Chloe in a corner in the room.

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The emperor decided that we must stay in the palace, personally I’m not sure it it’s a palace or a small city.
It’s mostly build from crystal or do they grow the crystal like this? Honestly I’m not sure, I didn’t bother to ask.

Chloe has gone out with Krish, I decided to stay in the room, if you can call it a room. It’s more like a house with its own garden and beautiful views of the city beyond the palace.

I’m still feeling tired, I haven’t slept much, I had a huge shock and got a lot to deal with, to be honest I can’t get around to calling Krish mother, so said I can take my time to take everything in, I do feel that Chloe should have thought of a better way to tell me, she did admit that she suspected it all along. So is this the secret she thinks Azaria’s was hiding? Or is there something else?

A few weeks ago I was settling in to my new life on earth, happy with a girl I’ve been dating for years, we had beautiful pets, oh and our pets, luckily a neighbor was kind enough to offer to look after them. We have one more day before we return home. Chloe did warm me that Azaria will most likely be waiting for us and we will have a lot of explaining to do.

The emperor’s staff was kind enough to provide us with more appropriate clothing for the palace, but I’ve never been one for formal wear.

And besides all that, we left earth during an attack, who knows what’s happening back home. But the emperor was adamant that we stay for a bit, aperantly he has a surprise for me and just like that.

The door opens, Chloe barely came through the door followed by Krish and the emperor, you would think him been the ruler of this planet he would enter first escorted by guards, but no. Just them.

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Read the prequel(previous story) here:

2(To)The Neverending Train: The Final Destination Part 1

He didn't know what to do. The time never changes. He was stuck in this fake world, he went back to his home and locked himself in. He can feel the ghost woman's presence every where, it never left him since that day. Nobody behaved normally in this world. He tried to get out of it for the first month, but he never could. 8:15Pm, 8:15Pm, always the same. Days, Weeks, Months.

After a while he was content with this world. He tried to act like he was fine. It was strange, the time was always 8:15Pm, but day and night were still in the same cycle with the seasons. There was still day, there was still night, but he never gets rest from this madness.

One day everything was going wrong. His grandfather died, and even though he knew it was his fake grandfather of this fake world it was still sad for him to see his grandfather die. That day was one of the worst days he had on this world. He went to sleep that night tired, lonely, and afraid. He knew the woman was still haunting him. He lied down on his bed wishing that when he wakes up he would be out of this terrible world where nobody is acting like humans.

When he was sleeping he heard something that woke him up. The sound of screaming people were all around him, although only some were screaming. He woke up completely, and everything around him was very familiar. Then he realized he was back on the same train where many had died.

He was in the same situation, the business man's head was on the ground still dripping blood while everybody was horrified. But this time he couldn't do anything, it was like he was just watching and experiencing the same thing while everything happened like it did before. It came to the part when he almost died, but this time he wasn't woken up by his assistant.

Everytime the woman was about to kill him it always starts back to when the business man had died. He experienced all the deaths, trauma, and fear once again. He was stuck in a very bad loop. Death comes knocking once again. Tick....Tock.....Tick.... Tock.....The time was 8:15Pm.

2(To)The Neverending Train: The Final Destination Part 2


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