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2 months ago

Religious idiot now wants to use science

r/WhitePeopleTwitter - Religious idiot now wants to use science
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“Magic man with magic boat floods world, wow so real” 🤡🤡🤡

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Damn, when I was in church Noah lived to 1300 years old. Guess they can't get the facts straight

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"Steven, who told you about this?"

"Oh, a burning bush mentioned it to me in passing"

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“… Steve, what were you smoking? I promise I won’t be mad.”

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Religious people like this only try to use science when it appeals to their religion 😂 got called out real quick lmao

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Republicans: "Biological science matters"

Also republicans: "Abortion is MURDER. Women who get abortions are baby killers who deserve to be felons or be executed!"

Still republicans: "COVID isn't real! George Soros and the Democrats created a fake disease narrative to throw off US politics during an election year! I'm going to ignore that this is happening all over the world because I don't know what epidemiology is and I'm not going to learn!"

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As far as COVID goes, I've seen a split of:

-It's a hoax!
-It's just a cold/the flu! Not at all dangerous!
-It's a bioengineered Chinese supervirus meant to destroy America

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Also Republicans: Have never moved past 4th grade biology to figure out just how immensely complex biology actually is and how much biology hates pure binaries.

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Still (some) republicans: We need to get religion back in schools! Creationism is a valid viewpoint that deserves to be taught alongside evolution because otherwise students wont get the full picture!!

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Fundies don’t care about science until it suits their dogma.

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And even then it doesn't actually suit their dogma. They've decided that science begins and ends in first grade. No need to go beyond that.

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It’s also just a strawman, because every one is in agreement that there is a biological difference between cis and trans women. If there wasn’t, there would be no point in having a word to differentiate them. The difference is that there’s a separation between gender (social) and sex (biology).

Transphobes like to pretend that trans people are claiming to have the same biology as cis people which is funny considering the fact that they don’t is kind of the entire point of being trans

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· 2 mo. ago

Sooooo when biological science says that we evolved from a common ancestor with chimps and other apes, what’s your answer, Steven?

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They think they can pick and choice what reality and science is like their shitty book

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Genesis is written in a mythic genre and should not be taken literally. Some of it is a long list of "you worship X? Well my God made X."

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Psychological and social observations of how the human mind functions and behaves also matter (it helps us figure out why people fall for Crowder, for one).

But people like him just seem absolutely unwilling to even begin to understand what that means and why it would be important.

I mean, it’s hard not to call them idiots when something is explained over and over and the transphobic crowd still seems completely clueless.