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What’s your unpopular travel opinion?

Global Entry is overrated for casual travelers. Fight me!

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You don't need special travel clothing, bags, etc. for most destinations. People just want an excuse to shop. Even cities like Barcelona, just put your crossbody in front of you -- locals are not running around with PacSafe everything. The exception is if you're doing extensive outdoor activities like camping or face threats like malaria

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Agree, plus wearing “travel clothes” or bags makes you really stand out as a tourist.

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The only exception to this IMO is if you're planning to be outdoors a lot in rainy areas, definitely don't pack only jeans and cotton.

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Largely agree - most "travel" products are a waste.

But a decent backpack and a few hundred bucks in fancy anti-stink synthetic & wool clothing can be a total game changer. So many Americans bring 40-50lbs of cotton halfway around the world.

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I bought a travel purse for my first trip to Europe a couple of years ago- specifically chosen to look a bit less like a travel purse- and, shortly thereafter, started using it as a regular purse at home. It’s the smallest purse I have that fits my iPad mini.

In the years since, I’ve noticed a fair amount of women carrying what is obviously a travel purse as their everyday purse. (I can read the Pacsafe logo levels of obvious.) I know for a fact that they aren’t tourists. My current working theory is that they like the pockets.

Speaking of pockets, I’ve spotted a scottevest jacket in the wild on multiple occasions, but it was on the same person and I only recognized it because I have the same model in a different color. I shrunk the zipper on mine, so I mostly use it as an electronics/snacks caddy while on airplanes.

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Yeah, but it's fun to buy new stuff for a trip!

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You don’t need to spend weeks on end in a destination in order to understand and appreciate it. I get tired of seeing posts from people saying things like “You haven’t really been to [X location] if you haven’t spent [arbitrary amount of time] there”.

Sure I’d love to travel for months on end and fully immerse myself in every place I visit but the reality is I work full time and spending three weeks straight just exploring the back streets of Barcelona or sampling every gelato in Rome just isn’t feasible. I can get a feel for a destination in just a few days and that’s good enough for me.

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100% Agree.

Got crucified on an older post becouse i said that i dont like spending more than 3-4 days in the same place, thats enough to experience 70-80% of what The City has to offer, and id rather go to somewhere else.

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· 4 mo. ago

Totally agree. I got quite annoyed at some backpackers who were talking shit about some others staying in the hostel. The backpackers were saying the other people weren't 'really' travelling because they were only on a two week trip. I'm sorry, but the vast majority of people do not get enough time off or are able to quit their jobs/have no responsibilities to allow them to have months off in one go!

I have done very long trips before and honestly I am really enjoying my 1 - 2 week trips now, its enough time so that the excitement doesn't wear off. I have found now post-pandemic, most cities I am happy to have 3 - 4 days in, whereas I do prefer spending longer in nature. Personally for me, spending weeks on end in one destination is just not how I travel unless I truly fall in love with the place.

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I hate to peg it to certain people but when I talk to Europeans at hostels about my itinerary they’re always like “your trip is so rushed”. Like sorry, I don’t get 6 month sabbaticals and only get 17 vacation days (a big number by US standards).

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In a similar vein, it's often OK to burn the candle at both ends and travel pretty fast, especially as a younger traveller. I've had a blast doing shorter trips where I do stuff all day, party at night, grab 5-6 hours and repeat.

Obviously that's not sustainable for months, but if you're feeling "burned out" after 2 weeks on the road as a 20-something, you probably need to eat more vegetables or something.

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Same. Unless I was filthy rich and had time to travel 250 days a year? I'm going to a place, seeing the sights for 1 to 4 days, then moving on.

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To me, a city's a city's a city. Usually there are some key sights to see there, some good places to eat, and a vibe you get to experience for a few days, but if I'm going to slow down, take me out of the city. Go to Rome for 4-5 days and see everything, then spend time in the countryside, if you're going to stay longer. To me, there is exploring of cities and then there is exploring of daily life - and I like the "daily life" experience to be more rural. Get me out on a kayak on the major body of water nearby or hiking some trails and then grabbing drinks in a local watering hole afterwards. Once your heartrate has slowed down a bit, maybe venture to the next city or larger town and rinse and repeat as long as your company will allow you to be on PTO!

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Depends on what you're trying to achieve. In your case, a short time works for how you like to travel.

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Everyone agreeing with this are also the ones saying "fuck, why did I breed?" or "fuck, why did I get so balls deep into this 9-5 life I can't get out?"

I would have the exact same philosophies as you guys to be honest. What do they say? If life gives you lemons make lemonade? Gotta make the best of things.

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It is good to visit some lesser known sights and destinations, but don’t go too far off the beaten path. Although some places and sights are undoubtedly overrated and overcrowded, most popular tourist destinations/sights are popular for a reason, because they are generally nicer, better, or more beautiful than the off the beaten path places.

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Yeah, the way I always explain this is there's a reason people go to Rome and see the Colosseum and St. Paul's. There are a lot of other great things to see in Rome, and you should do them, but it'd be a downright tragedy if you missed those sights when there!

I think a lot of people also don't do the slightest bit of research in things like shoulder season and less peak times of day, and then like to complain how crowded it was. Can make a world of difference.


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