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Posted byu/[deleted]2 months ago

Advice on Tesla vs local installer?

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Go with a local installer.

Tesla is great if they come through. But it's a massive pain in the ass if you have to fight and call and keep on them to get stuff done.

But it's kinda like apple their eco system when installed is great.

Youll.probably have an easier install with a local guy as long as you've vetted them and they aren't gonna go tips up any time soon.

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From what I understand it's not a 'single' string inverter but 4 strings for 4 different array groups. Each array group works together. BUT I'M NOT SURE ABOUT THIS CAN SOMEONE CONFIRM?

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Each powerwall plus and handle 4 strings. I have 12.8 Kw system with 2 powerwall plus. Tesla put 2 strings on each invert so 4 strings total. Looks like they did a good job and put 1 string on each side of the house to balance the load as the sun moves.

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I haven't had a problem with Tesla CS, instead it's been the fucking inverter.

Other than that, I love the system. When it's working.

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Have they been able to fix the inverter issue for you? How long did it take to repair?

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I sent you a DM regarding the planned system.

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Go with Tesla, put in your $100 down payment, delay the install, ask for a bonus to schedule the install, have them thrown in the install for the Tesla EV charger (getting the optional gateway buss), you will need to provide the charge, few hundred on Facebook, get the latest version, make sure you get two inverters, 7.7 and 3.4. Put the system into consumption mode once the install finish’s the install, and any changes you must make before the permit is completed, so don’t allow an inspector onto the property unless they have dialed everything in as intended. The Powerwall gateway that is not on the meter has an optional 200amp bus bar, comes in handy for an extra EV charging and hot tub circuit.

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Current down payment is $400 and I am not aware they are offering any bonus at this time.

I ordered Tesla in SF bay area recently and am planning 1-2 months for site inspection, 2-3 months for local permitting, 1 month to install once permits are signed off, 2-3 months to PGE PTO.

So I think you can plan on 7-9 months from the time you approve the design until PGE approval to link to grid.

As far as I am aware NEM 3.0 is still not approved or implemented by the CPUC but no guarantee that it won't be a new rule by the time you get PTO.


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