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Theres this app called Speaker Tester & Cleaner : Fix I tested my phones speakers with it (Twice) it uses high frequency to test the speakers and then I boosted my phones volume using this app, After knowing damage the app can do to the speakers I immediately deleted it without the second thought.

Now my question is, are my phone speakers still fine after the use of this app? I boosted my speakers to full and quality was bad only did it for few mins, I Googled and found out that high frequency can harm the speakers which the app uses to test the speakers so I'm worried.

One more thing if there's any damage in speakers how can I check for it?

Phone name: S22 Ultra.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes you read right! I need help choosing the right macbook, I'm getting my very first laptop and I got a lot of people recommending I check out Apple macbooks which I did and I had my eyes set on the macbook air m1. My friends told me I should get the M2 since I get a lot more ram and buying expensive is better if I want it to last a lifetime with me and I even considered the pro macbooks, but something in me is still not convinced. And you may now wonder what I'll use my new laptop for and we'll I'll be graduating soon and starting uni which means uni won't provide me with a laptop like my high school is so I have to get my own but I don't wanna just use it for school and such, I like to game but not heavy games, I play heavy games on my console but I was planning on playing sims, visual novels, otome games, maybe minecraft but yeah such light games that won't be heavy on the laptop. I'm also going to start drawing soon and considering buying a drawing pad since me and my friend are interested in working on our own comics amd post them publicly so I'll probably be using photoshop, procreate and all those artsy apps and so on...

I mean I was considering getting the m2 and was ready to pay the price until my other friend told me it isn't worth it and that m1 is way better, which I agree, seems to me 16ram will be more than enough and the price isn't that over-priced like the m2 which gives me room to consider buying a good quality drawing pad which is great! Only problem is, will it be able to handle all these apps?

Despite all that unfortunately I'm still unsure on what to get, im also open to other laptops other than apple but i heard so many great things about it so I guess that and that its long lasting so i dont feel like i threw my money down the drain! I kinda wanna give it a try.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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The signal from each of those antennas will come out like a wave traveling in all directions, and that wave will be perpendicular to the antenna itself, so a vertical antenna is going to be more helpful in single story homes, while a horizontal or angled antenna is going to put out a signal that travels upward, which might be more useful in a multi-story home.


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