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Christine Brown Moves Out of Kody Brown's House in Sister Wives' Dramatic Season 17 Trailer

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“The sacrifices I’ve made to love you”

That doesn’t come across the way he probably thinks that it does. My husband and I don’t “do things” in order to love each other. We just love each other. Period. Very telling coming from Kody. He’s never loved her and in between the lines, he is basically admitting it.

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Also CHRISTINE has made more "sacrifices" to love Kody- had a half dozen children, shared her husband with 3 other women, and raised all of Kody's children, regardless of their mother.

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Yes, this is such a telling line. "The sacrifices I've made TO love you" Instead of "sacrifices I've made because I love you" or even "because I loved you". But "to love you" directly implies he never loved her, or love is not something permanent for him but something he can take and give as he pleases. Not that we didn't know that... but to hear it right from his own mouth!!

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Imagine telling your wife loving her demands sacrifice and still thinking she's the problem. He's such a narcissist, he'll never take responsibility for this.

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Kody is one of those people where everything and everyone in his life is conditional and mist serve him in some way or another. How many times have we heard “I will love you if….” to his wives AND kids?!?! Look how he treats the kids who don’t question or agree with him on everything.

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The only sacrifice he has made is the tiny bit of time he had to spend away from his precious Robyn.

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Hubby and I have never screamed at each other about the sacrifices we’ve made. Kody the eternal victim. Ugh.

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His relationships are transactional for him. It was a telling statement.

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His love is all conditional. The condition- Robyn needs to like you and you need to bow down to her and her kids. Put your relationship second, third, fourth to Robyn's relationship. Also, be okay with your freaking kids being treated like second class citizens compared to Robyn's kids.

If a wife doesn't follow those conditions, they are unlovable.

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Literally I have no idea what he’s talking about!!! He hasn’t had a relationship with her in forever. She’s the one who gave up everything for him.

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True. It makes me wonder if her really listens to what he says. Or he really believes what he is saying and everything is everyone else's fault.


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So are we just ignoring the fact that Christine finally said the silent part out loud with the “to Kody, Robyn’s more important“? Because that’s huge to me. Although it’s been obvious for years, no one has said anything this direct about it ever, even in an ITM. Good for her for finally just laying the cards on the table.

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She talked about it last season too, that Kody spends all his time with Robyn and her kids and none with Christine’s and how it’s super upsetting for the kids

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Christine used to color her language to specifically not mention Robyn, because this is what Kody has always done. Now she’s finally at the point that she doesn’t have to care about his reaction, nor Sobyn’s and she can finally call a spade a spade.

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Christine had a newborn baby and Kody left for a 2 week honeymoon


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