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Found the internet!
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Met a Gamestop high level GME employee at my wife's 20th HS reunion.

Got dragged to my wife's 20th HS reunion. Luckily it was at a brewery.

I knew a few of her friends but was kinda bored and nursing a sour beer.

Wife runs up to me excitedly. Hey this is Sally (not real name) guess where she works? GameStop!

My wife knows im balls deep in the stock and i guess talk about it enough that I would really want to talk to her.

Sally lives near corporate hq in Texas and works in a senior position (Not going to dox her).

I started off the conversation. "I have significant holdings in GameStop and follow the stock daily."

She smiles and asked me if I'm on reddit. "Of course!"

I asked her about the morale of the team. "Very high, everyone is very excited with the direction the company is going. I've worked there for a while and there is excitement and joy at work with what we are doing. Especially the NFT marketplace."

I asked her about the recent layoffs. "Most of the people that were let go weren't engaged in the new direction we are taking." I took that to mean they were dinosaurs or legacy employees that couldn't adapt.

I asked her, How do you feel about the future of GameStop? "Very very bullish. I have most of my net worth in the stock. Ryan Cohen has done an amazing job of turning the culture around. We have had a revolving door at CEO it seems but I like the direction things are going."

I asked her about the buy button being turned off. "It was a big deal. We couldn't believe it."

I then say. "I hope Citadel goes bankrupt."

She retorts. "They aren't the only ones that deserve to."

We made small talk for another 10 mins and she was curious about what I did. She told me stories about my wife in HS and appreciated how kind my wife was to her as she was kinda a quiet nerd.

That last sentence has me really thinking. Who else was she talking about?





Gamestop employees after layoffs are energized with new direction company is going in.

Employees are putting their own money in stock and holding.

Citadel isn't the only company that deserves to go bankrupt.


Someone get me a trust me bro flair!

Best part of this day is I've got many new sour beer recommendations I need to try. Didn't realize there were this many of us in the wild.

SS is an amazing community. While our convo is based on my memory after drinking to deal with a reunion I didn't want to go too... It is as accurate as I can recount.

Imagine you have been part of SS for over a year and your wife drags over a GME employee? Not only did my boredom vanish I was giddy with excitement. Sally felt like a vip and she should. My wife might have been a bit jealous...

Should you be skeptical of posts that can't be verified. 100%. People are going to try to sow discord and create rifts between this community. We should be vigilant. Is me relaying to you the GME employees are excited as we are about this stock a danger to this community? No chance.

My tits are jacked!

Going to drs some more today.

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In bro we trust

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· 2 mo. ago
🎮 Power to the Players 🛑

This may be my favorite way to sum up my feelings about these kind of stories.

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Can't trust a bro who is only "balls deep" in GME. I only trust bros that are neck deep or drowning in GME.

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I trust all bros, even the guy that said the space nazis on the moon are short gamestop and have threatened to come back to earth if this thing moons, because they don't want company.

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trust bro we in

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· 2 mo. ago
🎮 Power to the Players 🛑

Yes bro.. yes.

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· 2 mo. ago
Ape go bye-bye on rocket

Without bros, who would we trust?

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🦍 Buckle Up 🚀

In bro's wife we trust!

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🎮 Power to the Players 🛑

Who answers with "Bullish" when someone is asking about the future of the place you work at?

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· 2 mo. ago
Saviour of bedposts

In bro we trust

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· 2 mo. ago

Trusting ain’t new to us…we’ve been trusting the DD for over a year and it’s playing out before us…I’ll trust this ape as well 🚀💪

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Trust bro me, always and anyways.

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This needs to be its own tag.

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Cake day · 2 mo. ago
🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋 Stonk Lemon Whore 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

I’ll trust this bro

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M🟣ds are sus

My brother in Christ, trust.

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💻 ComputerShared 🦍

Came here for this comment lmao


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