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2 months ago
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GameStop is the last time I will invest into USA

Enough is enough. The US has the most corrupt stock market and regulator (SEC) in the world.

People often sneer at African nations for having corrupt despot institutions and governments, yet for example Nigeria has a more transparent marketplace than US, and installing blockchain based settlement which makes the issues we have seen here impossible.

SEC is the only regulator in the world which sees most cryptos as “securities”, why you ask? Because if they are designated as securities it makes crypto absolutely useless as they can’t perform their function with this designation and the hyper laborious loopholes you just jump through. Meaning the incumbent system stays on which means they can just press a button and make their problems go away with a centralised ledger with no public oversight. The opposite of blockchain.

SEC is one of the few regulators in the world that does no heavily criticise PFOF. The most they said was “we are looking at the pluses and minuses”, as if they didn’t review this for the many years it’s been installed.

Nothing against the American people, but I simply can not invest into anything American again after this. It’s an absolute shitshow and shameful how brazen the corruption is and how smug they are knowing the “congressional oversight” who oversee them are just as corrupt as the SEC. Bradley Sherman, the head of the SEC oversight in the house, is an absolute corrupted vermin piece of shit.

Voting will never solve this in USA.

Edit: yes of course I will invest in USA again if the transparency and certainty of the game’s rules for everyone, including JPM and Citadel, meets a reasonable standard for 2022, not 2002.

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I’m a financial professional (Series 65 holder) and honestly this has made me question my career….. am I actually helping people if I’m just subjecting them to this fucking game the 1% plays with us?

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· 2 mo. ago
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I'm a former FA (Series 7, 66, Life/Health/Annuity Agent, etc.) that got out mid '00's. I was baffled that I was pressured by my unnamed broker who was quite reputable to push clients into their funds and products over higher performing ones that I did my own research and analysis and what I felt was my job on behalf of my clients. It felt borderline unethical and I refused to do it, so rather than continue fighting with leadership, I left the industry entirely. I used my knowledge to build a nice portfolio for myself, but in Jan when I bought a small number of shares to speculate based on DFV's thesis for fun, and later in the month I saw the absolute corruption on full display...I was shook. I don't get shaken, but that messed me up. Everything I thought I knew about the markets started unraveling as more and more DD was exposing the house of cards. It pisses me off.

This is not a marketplace at all; It's a grossly manipulated and sleazy pyramid scheme where the have's openly scrape off the top and leave crumbs on the rug that they occasionally pull to whitewash and replace only to piss on it and tell us it's raining. I hold for all of you.

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· 2 mo. ago

Same. My wife is a financial planner and she now questions the entire system and her livelihood. The knowledge I have gained and shared with her from all the DD and obvious crime has her a bit rattled. She is also invested in GME and once this thing pops, we will never invest in the markets again.

I pulled everything I had in the markets out in Nov 2021.

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Op · 2 mo. ago
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It is nice to know there are financial professionals who are apes, whatever you decide to do next I respect.

Can I ask your opinion on “accreted investor” status?

For me, I think it’s one of the most obvious and public (not hidden in any way) examples of keeping the poor down. I’ve not been able to find any financial professional to explain the reasoning for this law, so I’m hoping you can, wether you agree with it or not i would like to know their reasoning. Let me guess: “the poors are too stupid to know what to invest into so we will make arbitrary rules about how much money you must have in order to invest into companies that have not floated”? Am I right?

I always found it infuriating, coming from a working class background with poor education but making the most of what I had, being told I am not allowed to invest but millionaires (accredited investors) are… like they allow us poors to go to the bookmakers and bet on some sport event, to the casinos to spend our life savings, yet to invest into a non-floated company we must be millionaires? There is only one exception to being a millionaire I know of to be an accredited investor and that is to be employed by a big finance firm and have X years experience in finance, yet most of these people are millionaires anyway.

I made my own business, I am interested in business, I want to take my own damn risks and invest where I want. Why should millionaires be allowed to buy in cheap and then dump onto us poorer people interested in investing when a company IPOs? Aside from the actual illegal manipulation (apes talk plenty about) happening that they sweep under the rug, this law which is admitted and out in the open, seems indefensible.

For my own sanity please can you tell me any good reason why this should be like this? I certainly don’t want to be “protected” by big govt from making my own investment risks, like they don’t protect me from wasting my money in the many ways we see including casios etc.


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Hence why I canceled my Series 65 exam. Fuck FINRA and all the other orgs they ain’t gonna teach me shit when the rest of the fuckers are just stealing.

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While I believe the 1% are largely benefiting from the manipulation going on, is it they who are responsible? I think it’s more like the .1%. There can’t be THAT many involved directly but more likely imo a small cabal that wreak havoc globally. The US is their bottleneck but global elites are a blight on humanity and they’re a class unto themselves much more ruthless and insulated than the 1%.

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· 2 mo. ago

Reasons I hesitate on re-testing for Series only consolation is that I can potentially encourage folks to steer away from the crime and the lies on Wall Street.

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· 2 mo. ago
ON RRP Wagers & Billboards

I stopped studying for the 65 after the sneeze.

The SEC gets zero respect from me.

With the Ripple law suit too, I hope they get gutted.

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· 2 mo. ago
Ken’s Wife’s BF

I’m ex wall-street and quit to invest in game. I’m disgusted by it and won’t ever return to the industry

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· 2 mo. ago
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I was a senior personal banker II for about 15yrs, refused to go for licensing lol but partnered with my FA’s and what have you… shit has never made sense to me. I am so glad that I finally tore the band and off and left 3/20 I still have good friends that are “in the biz” and it’s just disgusting the things banks and investment firms do to people

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· 2 mo. ago
🚀 Never Fooking Leaving 🚀

I have maintained for a while that financial advisors in the US have one real job and it is to funnel money into the fraud-based market to generally move wealth towards the rich.

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· 2 mo. ago
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You are not. They ensure your clients make 2-5% while they make 100s or more. As long as you don't stray from "approved" investment vehicles that's how our system works. It's FUBAR. It's not Capitalism, it's not Market-based, it's a scam. Plain and simple.

I talked to my friends and relatives that are all in the Financial Sector. They agree now too. After having seen GME and now a few other tickers they are leaving the biz and doing their own thing. Can't blame them really.

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· 2 mo. ago

The 1% plays on us. We are like fcking pieces to their quite challenging monopoly game.