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Posted byu/[deleted]3 months ago

Millie Bobby Brown surprised people dont like Mike.

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Mike and Jonathan are by far the most overhated characters of the show. I think it’s because people have very high expectations for those two because of the first few seasons. Personally, I think they’re both still great characters with their good and bad sides.

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With Jonathan I don't think it is hate, just that he hasn't really done anything interesting since season 1. Seasons 2 & 3 he was pretty much Nancy's sidekick, and season 4 he was Argyle's stoner buddy. At least in season 4 we had his conversation with Will that gave him a nice moment at least.

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I've explained this before that Mike gets undue criticism sometimes because of the character type he is. He's the everyman, the audience surrogate, the "normal" person reacting to the weirdness around him, which makes it easy for the audience to imagine themselves in his shoes. This means that when he does something an audience member doesn't like, they take it personally. It's like, "Why did he do that? I wouldn't do that! Don't imply I'd be like that!" So that can lead to overblown reactions. It's not just him; Lucas is also basically a "normal" character that the audience can easily identify with and he got a ton of underserved shit after S1 due to his (understandable) suspicion of El.

And Mike basically is being the scapegoat for the Byler weirdos for their rage over their ship crashing and sinking in Vol. 2. They hate him because he's not reciprocating Will's feelings (no shit, like that was ever going to happen), yet still insist he's the only one Will can be paired with. It's an illogical situation.

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Yes Jonathan definitely gets the short end of the stick too. I feel like most people forget he's even a character. Everyone on the show has good and bad and I like that. It seems like some creators now are afraid of giving people real human traits for fear it will seem controversial or problematic things like that. Basically what we are seeing now. But these are people going through crazy things. Noone acts totally themselves dealing with normal stress so I can just about imagine these circumstances not to mention the general age of 80% of the cast

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· 3 mo. ago

Personally I think if the focus on Mike was as big in the following seasons as in the first it would start feeling like a show about Mike, which it isn't supposed to be.

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I actually liked Jonathan in the first three seasons, but then they turned him into an obnoxiously stoned comic relief character for half the season and did little more than make him driver in the last half. I mean if you're going to do that to him at least set up some hints in the previous seasons...

I felt like they did him dirty.

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Agreed. Jonathan is wrong to lie to Nancy but everyone needs to remember these are kids. I certainly didn’t do everything right at that age and made my share of mistakes. But I also never saved the world on top of my teenage angst so I feel like these characters have earned some grace.

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I just always thought Johnathan looked too old. He’s looked like a middle-aged man since day 1.

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I think they are just contributing very little to the plot since season 1. In season 1 they were go to guys when you needed to fight the Demogorgon. Now they are just moral support

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Mike is nearly magical. His girlfriend was taken to a top secret government facility, and he says he'll rescue her. The US military was also looking for that top secret facility, and had to resort to torture to get its location. They beat Mike there by like 10 minutes. They were in Helicopters, Mike was in a pizza van.

Since she came back in season 2, he simply refuses to believe that there is a single law of man or nature that can keep him from Eleven, and he might be right.

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One thing I've always respected about Mike is that he will do anything to get to Eleven or to Will. Either time one is in danger, there's a way he will always make it to them. I knew as soon as he promised Eleven he would get her back, he would. Dude is determined when he needs to be and find a way.

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Mike is the King (One Punch Man) of Stranger Things.

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Exactly, yet people expect him to be freaking Jesus, I truly don't get it. He's not a villain and his heart has always been at the right place. It's gotten so bad on Twitter people claim he should have died.

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But he doesn’t have Will on his mind 24/7, and this makes him a shitty friend, dontchaknow? 🫠😑

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· 3 mo. ago · edited 3 mo. ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again. None of the characters are perfect. Some of the beloved characters have done stupid things (Steve, Dustin, etc) but yet I don't see anyone tearing into them over those things, but when Mike does something stupid everybody wants to see him get fed to the demogoron. All of the ST characters are not perfect, that's what makes them real and relatable. All of the characters, Mike included, should be allowed to be human and make mistakes and learn and grow from them.


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