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This is my second update after i finished 90 days gaming detox. I started gaming in moderation with some rules in place so that I don't get addicted again. You can read my plan and also 1 month update here Trying to play in moderation after 90 days

AFTER 2 MONTHS OF MODERATION (quit games 19th April)

First I must really thank, Cam Adair and their YouTube channel and Respawn guide v5 that I read during the detox. It was super helpful overall, even if I didn't implement all the things from it instantly. I read till page 61/76 and put it away, but I want to finish it this weekend. And maybe go through it in a few months again. I did all the "exercises" that are in the book in the pages I read. It was one of the best investment in my life and I am super happy that I could suport the platform that improves life of many people. THANK YOU.

Now to my current situation: Last month I kept playing at the average 1h a day, usually something like 3days x 2h sessions of EU4 and CK2. I just love maps, history and really enjoy those when I don't have something important to do. And I was on two week vacation without playing at all.

There is one advice in the respawn guide that I ignored and that I started to act on last month - time planning, journaling and goal setting. In past I was doing planning only for my work and I had goals, but only in my head. Now I am starting to take more systematical approach. Last month I was writing a program for the day every morning and this already improved a lot of things. I knew what I will do during the day, achieved more, was sync with my wife's schedule better and overall felt more control. I want to take things further next month, so I am now investigating bullet journaling. I want to work more on non urgent bigger goals, some things I was postponing for a long time and I just want them to happen.

I want to switch to offline all my goals, tasks, calendar etc. One things I struggle with a lot now is phone/tablet overuse. I spend way too much time on those devices, watching YouTube and reading articles and news. Average 4-6h a day of unproductive stuff on the devices. Plus some more on PC. I get distracted easily on my devices, so this is why I want to switch to paper. I will be able to take my notebook after I wake up and go through the items, add some things that come up to my mind, all of that without being seduced to watch some videos or read news.

One advice here: I think it is important to invest in a decent tools to do this, if you can afford it. Some 30-40 USD/EUR should be enough for start. I had shitty ballpoint pen that didn't write half of the time, notebook with thin papers etc. and it was a bit frustrating so I preferred to avoid it. Setup your environment so that success is easy. If you struggled with gaming addiction, chances are you don't have the most willpower in the world and get frustrated rather easily. Making things go smooth and easy is important for a long term success.


Quick reminder to everybody: just plow through, keep calm and carry on. Things will improve. I felt like shit the first two months after I started the detox. Now I enjoy life much more, have more motivation to improve my situation and more energy. It might take some serious time to get back so you must be persistent and keep your hope.

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So last year August I was in the worst shape of my life. I just came off a break up, I was just gaming endlessly 6-8 hours a day and I'd play everything from CSGO to actual hentai games. I was as pathetic as you can imagine, eating instant ramen and gaming to avoid life.

and just a normal day in my life; I disassembled my PC to clean the dust and... I stopped and thought to myself, what if I just don't assembled it. Truth is, I got lazy and I never put the thing back together. I focused on myself and my own life goals for a bit and told my friends on discord that I'm taking a break.

Later I tried to put the PC together but miraculously, it didn't work anymore.. just wouldn't boot up. So I started just using my macbook air for my daily computing needs (cant run games for shit)

I thought oh what the hell, I'm NOT buying new pc parts, this is a sign from the universe!! and I started hitting the gym and working out relentlessly.

I went from a fat nerdy slob to everyone at my office unanimously agreeing that I look super fit. Everything about my health dramatically improved, including my mental health. I was more outgoing, able to be in the moment and just enjoy life.

Granted, with a lot of the free time I have I binge watch YouTube from time to time but for the most part I wanted to bring a dramatic change to the way I looked and I did!!

Pic (NSFW):

I will probably return to gaming eventually but at a much later point in life when I've achieved most of my goals.

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I have been considering ending this 'hobby' for years, but two corporations really convinced me to finally pull the plug:

  • Sony has been pissing everybody off with their bullshit PS5 availability. This console is like an unicorn to come by. Mind blowing that it has allegedly sold over 20M already, I have never even seen one in real life. The chip crisis has calmed down quite a bit recently, and still they somehow manage for it to get scalped all the way through. Not only that, but they did an unjustified price hike. Console manufacturing prices tend to dramatically decrease over time, and thus the PS5's MSRP should not go up. Weird, that Xbox and Switch have been getting cheaper. It's obvious that $ony are trying to milk their sheep fanbase, that I have admittedly have been a part of for far too long. Not anymore. They are even giving us fewer reasons to actually hold on for that opportunity to finally buy a PS5, because they are releasing more and more of their games on PC (which itself is a good thing imo). In short, they are riding the hype wave on artificial scarcity, while making their value proposition less attractive. My money, and more importantly time are too valuable for this nonsense.

  • NVidia, or should I say NGreedya. They really, really have gone too far this time. Their new high-level cards cost literally more than twice as much as the previous generation. The Euro price for the XX80 level card (RTX 4080) has gone from 700 to almost 1500. This, combined with outrageous power hunger, right in an economical crisis with exploding energy prices, proves them to not only be completely out of touch, but disgustingly presumptious. Almost worse than that, is that they are falsely naming a very much cut-down card, in absolutely every regard, also a RTX 4080. This is blatant false advertising. This card would usually be a RTX 4070 at best, maybe even just a 4060 (Ti). Still, they have the audacity to name it a RTX 4080 (12GB) and charge almost 1200€. For comparison, again the previous XX80 level card (RTX 3080) had an official price of 700€, and now this absolute scam is costing over 70% more! I have to say, I have never been an 'enthusiast' level PC gamer, but only for financial reasons. So far, I have never been able to actually afford a card that costs way more than a few hundred bucks. Still, their greed and bullshit will absolutely transfer to their entry-level cards. I guarantee it. Their new 'budget' card, the RTX 3050 (Ti), will probably cost 400€ now. As this is pretty much the entry point for anyone wanting to get a gaming PC, they are basically willing to kill off a large section of the market, just to keep those high profit margins. AMD, their competitors, are probably having a field day. I bet they are going to undercut them, but only by how much they absolutely need to in order to increase their market share. Let's be realistic, companies want to maximize profits and that's it. While prices of other components might stagnate or go down, these GPU prices that have been hiked up ridiculously over generations are scaring millions of possible customers away from PC gaming. No matter how good their new cards are, with those prices, they can shove it you-know-where.

TL;DR so far: Sony and NVidia have become so greedy that they're pushing me out of both console AND PC gaming.


Now, that I are basically forced to save lots of time and money, what hobbies are a good replacement for this former addiciton of mine?

The only real hobbies that I currently have is the gym, and sometime playing my old acoustic guitar (I might save up a bit and buy an actual good one). I read in the evening before sleep.

I am obviously not the first one to ask this on this sub. But which hobbies would you recommend to a former gaming addict?

Video games 'work' because they provide endless novelty, and capture our hunter & gatherer instincts.

What activities are out there that could capitalize on this? I don't think there is something that can completely replace gaming, but I am willing to try out lots of new things.

I would prefer something that a) can be done without staring at screens, and b) provides the opportunity to socialize. A new hobby doesn't have to fulfill both or even any of these two criteria, at this point I need to fill the 'vacuum'.


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