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Catgirls in Anime being clumsy and helpless makes no sense considering how athletic and agile (most) actual cats are.

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If a cat lives outside its agile or dies. My dumbass cat can’t navigate sliding glass doors after 10 years and routinely falls off the bed. Inside cats are a different species I’m convinced.

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Ia he orange? If yes, he belongs on r/OneOrangeBrainCell

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My cat has the both the agility and body type of Danny DeVito (and the incredible ability to somehow gain weight while on a diet.) She really should be more grateful to me for keeping her alive when I'm pretty sure left to her own devices in nature she'd immediately fall off a cliff.

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Thr cats that were first obtained by pet shops were those that due to their lack of agility were captured first long ago and it was enclosed "selective" breeding down from there

Edit: hmmm. A lot of salt by the saltoids. Fat garfields came to boil eh?

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Inside cats have to navigate obstacles dozens of times more complicated than outside. Don't forget that nature doesn't produce straight lines and sharp angles. Houses are nothing but a series of mazes involving straight lines and sharp angles. On top of that, we humans in our ever longing quest to comfort and be comforted, love to pick the cat up and take it everywhere we go in the house if the opportunity presents itself. Now imagine what happens evolutionary over a hundred year time span, to cats, if your geospatial frame of reference gains a third dimension arbitrarily over and over and over again. To the point where you have to constantly guage depth and height of objects.

I bet you'd become a different species of cat. That said though, some cats are just not bright. Nobody knows why. One of life's mysteries.

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I'd like to disagree, but only because my cat is a dumb idiot that falls regularly and runs into walls

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· 2 mo. ago

My cat knocked all of my plant pots off the window sill this morning and looked at me as though I had offended him

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Yeah, I have two cats and I’m now convinced they’re idiots with a good PR team instead

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Your cat is RELATABLE af.

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Is he OK? Don't sound normal lol

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Omg mine too! Falls off the cat tree too

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Yeah. I feel like the reflexes, agility, and elegance of cats is grossly overstated.


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I feel like r/Catculations both prove and disprove your point