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All things Shield TV - an Android streaming and gaming box by NVIDIA.


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A subreddit about the NVIDIA Shield TV - the world-class premium streamer for gamers running Android TV
Created May 21, 2015





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In the news

  • Shield TV remote app update rolling out; fix for Samsung phones running 12+
  • Shield Experience 9.1.1 release; (November 1st 2022)
  • Shield Experience 9.1 hotfix #4 (October 20th 2022)
  • Shield Experience 9.1 hotfix #3 (October 10th 2022)
  • Shield Experience 9.1 hotfix #2 (September 21th 2022)
  • Shield Experience 9.1 hotfix #1 (August 13 2022)
  • Shield Experience 9.1; ALLM, Night listening, HDR on/off (June 30 2022)
  • Shield Experience 9.0.2+ Hotfix #1; WiFi fix for Asus routers (April 29th 2022)
  • Plex stuttering/Dolby audio issues: make sure to update your player to version (or later)
  • Shield Experience 9.0.2; (April 12th 2022)
  • Shield Experience 9.0.1+ Hotfix #3; Twitch broadcasting fix, color space fix, audio fixes; get your fix now! (March 25th 2022)
  • Shield Experience 9.0.1+ Hotfix #2; SMB transfers speed improvement, more wifi fixes, etc! (March 2nd 2022)
  • Shield Experience 9.0.1+ Hotfix #1; (February 16th 2022)
  • Shield Experience 9.0.1; basically Hotfix #3 with a few more wifi roaming and CEC improvements on top (February 15th 2022)
  • Shield Experience 9 Hotfix #3; WiFi & Bluetooth fixes, SMB improvements and more! (Jan 28th)
  • Shield Experience 9 Hotfix #2; fix for Plex and interlaced content in tow! (Jan 20th)
  • Shield Experience 9 (Android 11) is now available for ALL Shield models! (Jan 12th)
  • Geforce Now: new RTX tier adding up to 1440p120 support now available across all devices, plus 4k60 HDR exclusively on Shield TV. (Oct 21th)

  • Google Home: AndroidTV devices can now be added to speaker groups back again. (Oct 17th)

  • Disney+: the issue with AI-Upscaling enabled with 4K content has been fixed server side. (June 25th)

  • Stadia support added (June 23th)

  • Android TV "Discover" UI starting to roll out (June 17th)

  • Apple TV support added (June 1st)

  • Latest firmware: 8.2.3 (May 28th)

  • No official word about a new model coming in 2021, only speculation

  • Nvidia Games: bugs/regressions regarding mouse support and pairing were root caused; fix will be deployed early June.