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Children think farm animals deserve same treatment as pets

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I grew up in farmland, hunting and fishing. I am the anecdotal evidence for this study lol, as a kid I always felt bad for the animals. Took me a while to act on it though! I’m a happy little vegan mama now with two cute vegan kids.

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I also grew up in cattle country and saw how farm animals were treated. I’m vegan now too.

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I agree. Time for a hot dog to be appropos... 'Here Fido!'

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I wrote a chapter on this- the paper linked here uses a different metric but adults also tend to believe that animals deserve really good treatment even though they are reluctant to actually boycott animal products:

"In a representative sample of over 1,000 American adults, Sentience Institute found that nearly 50% supported a ban on slaughterhouses and factory farming (Reese, 2017). But, in that same survey, 75% of participants believed the reassuring fiction that the animal products they were eating had been humanely produced (Reese, 2017). A recent Gallup poll found that 32% of Americans think that animals deserve “the exact same rights as people” (Riffkin, 2015), up from 25% in 2003 (Moore, 2003). A study of 3,500 Ohio residents found 81% said farm animal welfare was as important as pet welfare, and 75% said farm animals should be protected from physical pain (Rauch & Sharp, 2005)."

My chapter is here

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the reassuring fiction that the animal products they were eating had been humanely produced

Can you say more? Does this mean labels like "pasture raised" etc are false?

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Well this is good to know, considering we just bought a hobby farm and are getting bacon seeds to raise in the spring.

It'll be extra confusing for my daughter because we have a pet cow, but also plan to raise beef cows.

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How is that not also confusing for you

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Lol at bacon seeds.

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We have pet goats and meat goats; my son hasn’t had an issue with it. Everything has a purpose and he understands that.

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Oh so good they are, it means that they will(I wish) in future would think everone deserves the same social priviliges like healthcare, food and wise pay for work. I live all my life in farm and I didn't see why farm animals wouldn't get as good treatment as pets. We buy and do our chicken the best and when we had two cows we loved to brush them, get them the best we can

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Ah I see the age range they studied is 9-11. Yesterday my 3.5yo ran into our backyard with a butterfly net to "catch a bunny." These are wild rabbits visiting our yard, so she was never going to get close. I asked her what she would do if she caught one, expecting her to want to keep it. Instead she said completely seriously, "I'm going to cook it!" We have never eaten rabbit. I guess the moral questioning will kick in sometime in the next 6 years.

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My 2.5yo wants to roast and eat the baby.

We're vegan.

"Why we can't eat the baby?" is a difficult question to answer when you wanted to spare your child for as long as possible from the idea of people dying.

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Hahahaha this is exactly how and why we started raising meat rabbits. My daughter's idea. She was trying to hunt the cottontails and one thing led to another and we've been raising heritage breed meat rabbits for 5 years now. She's the most loving child. Loves all creatures (even had pet cockroach and spiders) but she's comfortable with where her food comes from and her place in the ecosystem

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Never too late to come join us over at r/veganparenting if you want :)

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Makes sense, there is no difference between pets and farm animals in terms of intelligence, affection and ability to feel pain and fear.

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Most farmers (outside of giant corporate farms) raise their animals as lovingly as they do their pets, with love, affection, and humane, cozy conditions. Stressful situations show in the meat.


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