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Did anyone else cringe as hard as me when Lisa name dropped Kendall Jenner as her “friend” to that bartender? She wants to be in with them SO BAD she would pimp he daughter out to Scott.

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If Kendall really was her friend, wouldn’t Rinna have been able to try the 818 tequila by now?

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Does anybody besides me find it unusual that a 59 year old woman wants to be "friends" with a 26 yr old?

(e.t.a. or why a 26 yr old would want to be friends with a 59 yr old?)

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Lol so true, means she wasn't invited to the launch party

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I think she just wanted to piss Kathy off. She's determined to show Kathy in a bad light

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i thought rinna was anti scott and amelia how would Kendall be her friend? also, i'm old enough to remember amelia not wanting to grow up too quickly and then in a blink of an eye she was acting all grown up dating and surely doing very grown up things with a middle aged man....

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Did anyone catch Kathy sitting next to Lisa before this scene where Lisa was so loud, Kathy cringed and made an awkward facial expression? Something tells me there’s more than 818/Kendall beef btwn Lisa and Kathy

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Agreed! I don’t think Kathy would have reacted that way if it was truly just about the tequila.

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I cringe at EVERYTHING Lisa has done this season. She thinks she is so much more amazing than she actually is. It’s kind of humorous to watch her.

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On top of it she is constantly wearing cringy outfits to match her energy.

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I used to really like her, even in her season with Denise I didn't mind the drama, but she's been insufferable ever since.

She adopted this 'villain' persona and it doesn't suit her at all cause villain needs to be smart, and she's not. I preferred when she was stirring the pot by advocating for the 'truth' instead of the drama

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If she’s truly a friend wouldn’t you just say “my friend Kendall?” Tho she does call her husband “Harry Hamlin” all the time 😂

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I believe that’s how Lisa refers to everyone. Her daughters and even her mom who she’d refer to by first name

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She said it like six times.

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· 2 mo. ago

That was definitely an intentional name drop for attention

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I think it was more of a direct dig at Kathy.

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I know I for one would much rather hang out with a Kardashian over a Hilton~~~`/s

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I was embarrassed for her. The bartender most likely got a good laugh out of her name dropping.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

I’m a bartender and if I was her I would have had to physically stop my eyes from rolling in my head.