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Unix Pioneer Brian Kernighan: if you could only use one language, choose Python

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For those who are wondering “who?”

He wrote THE book on the C Programming Language

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He's the K in AWK.

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Came for this, glad to find. TBH, I only knew him for developing C, didn't know he was in the UNIX developer team. I still remember his book: 'The C programming language', I've read it back in the early 90's.

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Scientist here. Python has been more important to my career than even fortran.

Dropped Perl for Python back when our IT people thought that was crazy. I learned from Programming Python (1st Edition) way back in … oh god I am old aren’t I!

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I learned from Programming Python (1st Edition)

Sure, ohtinsel. Let’s get you to bed.

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I've looked back at my old Perl code I've stumbled upon from years ago and it looks like this: ;;+-4787$":45fgjrhhjj

Can't read it at all ha

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What kind of stuff do you do in python?

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Kernighan admits Python’s the language if you’re only going to choose one for the rest of your life. But with Python, “you need the baggage of how do you get the input? How do split it into various components? How do you write it out? All of those things happen for free in AWK, and that’s one of the reasons why AWK programs tend to be very very short compared to programs in other languages.

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wow awk really seem to be designed specifically for text processing! /s

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I've worked professionally as a Software Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, and Build Engineer (DevOps) and you know what they've all had in common ? All Python Developer jobs.

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I took a py course as part of uni, but did horrible (there wasnt adequate support either).

I currently want to do cpp first, then go back to python. What are your thoughts?

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Slow running applications?

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cries in java

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Which job was your favorite?

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Python changed my life. For the good.

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import life