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Man on the verge of tears after Trump's Florida home is raided

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This is not healthy...

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Neither is driving around with a "fuck your feelings" bumper sticker when you get this upset over just about everything, but alas, here we are.

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Cults rarely are

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It's the beginning of the end of Democracy unless it is reversed. Let's call it what it is. They don't care about the Republic. They care about their cult leader

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Most cults aren’t healthy

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When have you seen a cogent interview from someone cosplaying their idea of a patriot at a Donald Trump rally?

I think I have seen 5-6 years full of these inane, backwards, uninformed & the crazy MAGA, MAGA+Q, or the batshit trifecta of MAGA+Q+Jesus bad brained people without seeing any of them make one good point.

If it's a sickness, it's been out of control too long.

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He doesn't seem the brightest. Almost feel bad for him.

I honestly think a good amount of people completely don't see the evil that Trump is, and are clueless about the reality of what's going on. They simply are being grifted and don't realize it.

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I don’t know how they can ignore the fact that Trump doesn’t give a shit about any of them. He’d step over their bodies to get what he wants.

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one or two nutbags like this sure, but what is truly amazing is how many seem to be this far off the rails mentally. Then again I was surprised that after 4 years of chaos and blatant grifting that 74 million Americans voted for four more years of it. I suppose if you take 74 million people who supported that and wanted more of it, that the tail of the bell shaped curve would hold a lot of these folks.

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I wish we could help the brainwashed. It's so easy to laugh at them, but imagine this guy being your dad. I've seen some otherwise brilliant and successful people buy into this BS because the world is so screwed up that there must be some conspiracy, and there must be some underdog who will call it out and save us. Despite all logic, they believe this shit because it's easier than accepting that we've caused the world to fall apart. And these people are so tragic. But ultimately we can't let them drag us down too.

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One of my aunts is one of these people. she was once a really intelligent down to earth person but a mix of fox news and q shit has made her into lunatic. She's fully convinced there's going to be a civil war and worships Trump like he's the second coming. She refuses to hear anybody talk bad about him.

The family has pretty much disowned her and nobody is on speaking terms with her. Her husband is about to leave her over this shit. It's fun to make fun of these people but some of them desperately need therapy, they're unhinged and they've been completely brainwashed.


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I remember these people specifically saying “fuck your feelings” in 2016 when Trump won…..and now they are crying?

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Fuck your feelings, not fuck my feelings

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Tragedy is when I stub my toe, comedy is when YOU fall down a sewer and die


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