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Philosophy of Religion


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This could be incorrect. I'm not some super clued up philosopher, I've only recently started looking into it more but here's my idea. If we accept that God is omnibenevolent, then it is absolutely morally incoherent for him to create hell, and send people there. It makes no sense. I'm not trying to be an arbiter of morality, whether or not its objective or subjective is besides the point. I really don't think anyone deserves hell. Hell is eternal, if we think of it in the traditional sense of eternal suffering and fire then it's cut and dry, there is no way this place can exist and god can be moral. Those are logically incoherent unless you want to commit to the idea that sinners deserve infinite punishment. A finite crime cannot have an infinite punishment. Not ted bundy, not stalin, not hitler. It doesn't matter. That cannot be justifed.

But that's old news, this is something that's probably been brought up before but I've never heard. It doesn't matter what hell looks like, it will always be immoral. In fact, you cannot create something more immoral than hell due to the nature of infinity. Some try and defend the idea of hell and say that it is merely a state of being distant from God or something like this. I dont exactly know what that means but would it cause me to suffer. Not psychically, just on an emotional level. If being sent to this place would cause me even a fraction of suffering, then God has created a place of infinite suffering. So it's just hell again because whether it's being tortured or just being bummed out I can't chill with God in heaven, this lasts for an infinite amount of time and is equal. Maybe this is wrong and it doesn't sound intuitively correct, but let's say one day in the fire and pain hell gets me 1 million suffering points, and spending a day in the distant from God hell gets me 1 suffering point, well since hell is a place I stay for eternity it doesn't matter, my experience of being at both of these places is equal. I don't know, I feel like I'm rambling but I hope you get the idea I'm going for. This is to say that If God exists and hell exists he is A maximally evil being (if you cause infinite suffering you are maximally evil). So either that's true or hell doesn't exist. So everyone including: atheists, agnostics, people of all faiths, genocidal dictators, EVERYONE goes to heaven.

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How close are you to the edge?

Swimming in pools of gold coins? Bowing down to a literal statue of a hundred dollar bill? Men in suits sitting around a table drinking congac, smoking cigars, and bragging about all the orphans and widows they've defrauded?

Yes, of course those things would be obvious examples, but they're also obvious exaggerations. If the love of money really is the root of all evil, it would not only seem normal, but would resist any effort at being pulled out into the light for examination.

So, what does the love of money actually look like in every-day life?

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