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Commission on Electing Convicted Presidents
5 months ago
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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on covering about the PH Elections.

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Op · 5 mo. ago
Commission on Electing Convicted Presidents

I already saw a thread with a still image about this and I just posted the video here where he said that:

"Listen to your fellow citizens who remember the past and are determined not to repeat it, because Bongbong Marcos has shown virtually no remorse for what his father put the country through. And if the Philippines is to avoid more of the same graft and violence that they have experienced for the past 50 years, they're gonna need these people and others like them to continue bravely speaking out and telling the likes of Bongbong Marcos, if I may use the words of the country's current asshole president: FUCK YOU."

For anyone who wanna watch the whole episode:

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thanks for sharing! and yes, a big fuck you to marcos jr.

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This is such a great segment covering the massive stakes of our current elections! I wish it had come up earlier so that more voters might've been swayed by it, but this will serve as reminder anyways that the rest of the world is watching us, and at the very least THEY too won't forget our country's past.

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· 5 mo. ago
Tallano golden shower

They posted it na on their YT!

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· 5 mo. ago

Nag resonate sakin yung sinabi niya na: "You are not just voting for your future, you are also voting for your past"

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Nakakahiya at nakakalakas ng loob at the same time. Salamat, John!

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Nakakahiya? This is not an isolated case. This is the prevailing trend across the world- people are electing right wing assholes. People manifesting their misguided nationalism and willful ignorance mainly due to their frustrations of the current society.

Neoliberalism has failed us. Like or not, Leni represents the Old Guard. She was given chance again and again to be more than that, to advocate for more radical and more progressive change..she refused.

I'm not endorsing BBM, mind you. Criticizing Leni does not mean I don't want her to win. All I'm saying is Philippines is not alone in giving into this whole nationalism-driven delusional degeneracy and this is partly the fault of our current failing institutions. The people were fed lies and gave them targets to vent their frustrations on. I'm hoping all of you to not follow that path.

Continue the good fight. Remember that ballots aren't the only way to participate in a democratic society..

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God, I love John Oliver. My favorite segment of his the one about Turkmenistan. 😂😂 Ilang beses ko na siya napanuod and tawang-tawa pa rin ako.

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· 5 mo. ago

Also, remember the segment on Guiness World Records. It came to my mind when the GreatestRobbery page was removed.

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· 5 mo. ago

The WWE episode was FIRE! LOL

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I like his video about Taiwan. It made me LOL and I understood better what's going on with Taiwan and China.

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· 5 mo. ago
My allegiance is to the Republic, not to a name

I still occasionally listen to him telling Bob Murray to eat shit lol

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Robredo, De Lima, Bello, and Ressa 👏🏼 👏🏼 👏🏼

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Professor Duncan be spittin facts

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· 5 mo. ago
couch tomato


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No, that's Zazu

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I am consistently shocked at how the voting populace is so easily stirred in our country. We have some of the most "over-educated" youths in South East Asia, yet the capacity to do proper due-diligence is simply lacking. The young's fascination with social media and thus their unwillingness to go deeper into who's feeding them what kind of information is what will keep our country poor.

There are countless examples around the world where certain types of leaders prove detrimental to an already deeply corrupted and disjointed country, yet why do we insist that these "strongman" leaders will fix our shit?

It's infuriating.

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· 5 mo. ago · edited 5 mo. ago

It's not just the young. Old people who don't know how to navigate social media fall for fake news.

In fact, a lot of Leni supporters are first time voters and the younger population. We've had so many youth volunteers in our rallies. Problem is yung mga matatanda na nagpapakain ng fake news sa mga bata.

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“Overeducated” with a fixation on superficial methods like memorisation and an abject lack of critical thinking

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Comment deleted by user · 5 mo. ago

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