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I’m witnessing wild animals move back into our land in droves ever since we surrendered the last-last owner’s cat. It broke my heart but this is one major reason why we did it. People forget that permaculture is symbiosis between all natural living things. Pets aren’t natural.

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Every salient point possible, and several completely wack ones, have been made. Outdoor cats kill wildlife, keep them indoors unless they're very specific working cats.

Thank you for coming.

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I had to build a catio for our adopted feral cat and I walk him daily. It’s an inconvenience but necessary.

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That's called a labor of love.

Things you love sometimes need additional care, and that's more than alright.

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Anthropologist here: OP has a point though I think it’s been presented poorly. Pets are totally natural, to assume they aren’t is to assume humans exist outside of ecosystems rather than as part of them. THAT BEING SAID, it’s incredibly well-documented how damaging cats can be on local-to-them wildlife populations. OP is correct in my opinion that cats should (if your main concern is environmental and ecological) stay inside as much as possible.

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I love my cat but she’s a natural born serial killer.

They made so much damage that now here in Belgium you need a licence to own a cat and unless you have another license as a breeder, all cats must be sterilised!

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I just moved into a new neighborhood and there are about 20 ferrel cats on the property and two new litters of kittens. People seem to keep feeding them and yet they don’t seem to be taking them in to get fixed at all. It’s really sad

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Soc. Sci and Anthro here too, lol I saw 'natural' and a part of me inside was like 'eeeeeeh' but I think you explained it well. It's so well known how completely eviscerated local cats can make local bird and tiny critter populations in general. As much as I want a cat right now, like my last cat I know they could only really be outside leashed or somehow contained so they couldn't go on a local murderin' spree.

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Yes humans, stay inside! Causing way too much damage to our ecosystems.

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This is basically “we’re a part of nature so everything we do is natural by definition.” Technically true, but also not how people use the words natural and unnatural. All domesticated animals are unnatural by how people commonly use the words.

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Pets are totally natural, to assume they aren’t is to assume humans exist outside of ecosystems rather than as part of them.

Your mileage is going to vary on this based on where you live. Nearly all the common pets aren't natural in my countries environment.

Some of them (Rabbits) are illegal to own in my state, for any purpose. Cats are particularly nasty as there is no native animal that filled the same niche. Even animals like horses are highly destructive here.

The only pet that Americans might be familiar with from here would be a Sugar Glider which are also illegal to own.

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Aren’t cats also part of nature? Or is it the cat that can hunt and then hide inside at night the part that’s out of balance?

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I love my cat, but he is strictly an indoor cat because I don’t want him going after songbirds. Gentle reminder to all cat lovers (and I am a HUGE cat lover): they can be devastating to bird populations. Keep them indoors!

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The people across the street from me feed feral cats and theres a ton of them. Pretty sure they’ve all been neutered by now though. We have a bunch of squirrels and birds still on our property, i think because the cats are fed they are content. But i still agree, keep your pets inside and if your cat loves outside then walk them!

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We're moving to a house with a garden near a forest. What do you think about putting a few bells on a cat's collar to give any wild animals a good warning that my cat is approaching?

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Just keep your cat inside.

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Yep. We got barn cats for mice control (previous owners let barns collect rodents in droves). They apparently got bored and started eating songbirds so we brought all the cats inside and have other pest control measures now.


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