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I got my first dose about 4 weeks ago and have been curious about the main side effect I had from it and if it was generally normal or not. I'll be getting my 2nd dose at the 8 week mark in December.

Background - I'm a normal weight, maybe 10-20lbs heavier than I like, but by official standards I am "normal" and not overweight. I also have a very sedentary lifestyle with a WFH job - not a whole lot of exercise the past few years thanks to still being in my own version of "lockdown".

My side effects only lasted about 4-5 days. General sore arm, lots of sleeping and naps, and just feeling kind of tired and not wanting to do anything. These specific side effects I'd give a 2/10 on the bad scale. Not a big deal and, other than wanting to sleep a lot, no problem working after the first full day after the vaccine although I did take 2 half days to sleep.

The other side effect that concerned me was a pounding heart. Even laying down in bed at night it just pounded through the back of my chest into my mattress. It didn't feel like a super fast heart beat, just very heavy. I also did a few dishes and it would start pounding. This lasted about 2-3 days, I think, and then went away completely.

Now, full disclosure, I was terrified to get the vaccine. Like almost full blown panic attacks the few nights before. I was also terrified after when anything in my body felt a little off. So, I'm not sure if I caused the heart pounding or the vaccine. But, the fact that it did it two nights in a row while trying to fall asleep worried me. It would also do it throughout those days, randomly.

One reason I think it may have been in my head, or just a coincidence, was that I was actually in the process of returning my fitness tracker (with heart monitor) at the time and getting a replacement. I got the replacement back on day 4 or 5, and that's when the heart pounding stopped. I haven't had an issue since.

I guess I'm looking to see if this heart pounding (palpitations, possibly?) is normal as I'm sure I'm going to freak out again on the 2nd dose. At what point would the heart pounding be a cause for concern? I'll have my fitness tracker this go-around to track my heart rate. Would a cheap blood pressure monitor from Amazon be helpful?

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Happy Holidays to all you novavaxxers and would be Novavaxxers!

May your holidays be happy and healthy knowing that you are protected with novavax!

You made a great decision to choose and to have novavax!

Once, Twice, a Novavaxxer, always a lifelong Novavaxxer……I believe…

Novavax or No Vax…..I believe too…..

At this point, my (u/Blueredant) novavax journey ends here, with this final novavax journey chapter update, as advised medically for my specific extremely rare medical situation that I am unable to have any further additional novavax doses or any other treatments, due to my additional risk of prior history of SJS, medications allergies, and recently discovered PEG and Polysorbate 80 allergies/sensitives after my two novavax doses and allergy testing.

There is no further novavax hope or other hope for my case……

It is unfortunate that it has come to this for me, as I was looking forward to another additional novavax dose to make up for the invalid frozen novavax that I got….

So I have to end the year 2022 on a good note,with this final novavax post, knowing that I have no regrets about taking two doses of novavax (one refrigerated, one frozen) and having at least some antibodies protection (4190) from just the novavax…..

Nevertheless, I would definitely encourage you and others like you to continue the novavax journey, by getting novavax, as a primary series and/or as additional boosters, as novavax is the safer more traditional protein based choice made from tree bark and moth cells, overall lasts longer, and protects more diversely better with higher antibodies counts.

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