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Posted by2 months ago

British Medical Journal article: Covid-19 vaccine mandates, passports & restrictions may cause more harm than good

The linked article from the British Medical Journal helped me articulate my vaccine hesitance to people who were critical of my vaccination status pre-Novavax (e.g., friends, doctors, businesses, my employer, etc.). It was comforting to know that there were medical doctors, researchers & policy-makers out there who saw the counterproductive and damaging effects of Covid-19 vaccine policy.

"The unintended consequences of Covid-19 vaccine policy: why mandates, passports and restrictions may cause more harm than good."

(There's a .pdf box in the upper right hand corner of the article. Clicking on that will give you a version formatted for better readability. But, it's still readable as-is.)

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BMJ has been a voice of reason throughout the whole pandemic. here is another article I had saved from last year.

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I like Peter Doshi

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Vaccine passports are a form of medical discrimination. Passports based on other types of medical statuses that may impact the immune system would never be tolerated. Supporters of vaccine passports like to argue that it's different because vaccines are a simple choice, but clearly they are preaching from their cushy lofts. In the capitalist United States, you can be fired for showing up to work even 15 minutes late because of side effects.


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