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Posted by2 months ago

2nd dose, 8 weeks apart, detailed experience

edited to add on after end of post

25F, 5’0, 90 lbs, white, no underlying medical issues except like seasonal allergies and OCD and most likely borderline anemic at the moment, and never had covid until two months ago at the same time as my first Novavax dose (which I’m still wildly fascinated by that happening)

Summary of first dose (which I also posted about if anybody needs the link to find it) - I got my first Novavax shot on 7/29 around 10am, had it aspirated, and had minimal arm pain throughout the day and was extremely dizzy. I also had a ton of symptoms beginning that night which turned out to be actual covid that I then dealt with for the next couple weeks, so I won’t mention those here and just assume the Novavax side effects were only the dizziness and slight arm pain.

Fast forward to yesterday, 9/22. I went back to the same pharmacy but they wouldn’t aspirate it because of something about insurance and Florida (I wasn’t really paying attention, just cared to get the shot and go really), and when the technician gave me the shot he literally stabbed it straight to like my nerve or something (which sent me a little shock in my neck) but I didn’t want to stress over that because I had enough trust to return to the same pharmacy in the first place.

I immediately had stinging and pain around the injection area, as well as some slight tingling in the palm/fingers and slight warmness throughout the arm (all discomforting for sure). While driving home I still felt some of the warmness and pain in my arm and kept opening my palm to stretch my fingers and distract myself. I also realized during the drive that these were some of the exact feelings I got after the first shot, so that completely calmed me down. I was also a little dizzy like I was right after the first shot, but I got the shot this time at like 4pm and was in bed around 9pm so there wasn’t much time to see if I’d become dizzier like last time.

Today, 9/23 I woke up pretty fatigued (which may also be from oversleeping and having a wild sleep schedule from a very physical new job?), and went to my 8am physical therapy session. I had no problems doing any of the exercises but was still a bit fatigued and dizzy. I went back to sleep when I got home for about 3 hours and remained dizzy for the rest of the day. I also kept drinking water to keep myself from having a headache, although I did have some short pains in my head sometimes throughout the day. My arm was pretty sore all day whenever I touched it and got better around 8pm but still hurts a little bit when I touch right above the injection area.

Overall, I’m really glad to have gotten the Novavax even though I found out weeks ago that I didn’t get the job I was getting the vaccine for. I’m also very hopeful that I won’t get any more side effects from the 2nd dose but will update as soon as I can if something comes up. Thank you for reading this!

Edit 9/24, 8:30pm- I’ve been having some heart fluttering/palpitations since last night so I’m waiting to get checked right now. Yeehaw! (they told me I have lower blood potassium and it’s likely not vaccine related, so that’s not bad news!)

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Thanks for sharing. Being fully vaccinated was a good decision. You'll be less stressed when the next covid wave hits and the world finds out the updated bivalent mRNA is the same useless stuff it was last winter when a new variant pops up, which it already has.

I have OCD too (germaphobe) but I got vaccinated as the risk was worse not to be vaccinated. Might I ask what your OCD is?

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What makes you say that the updated mRNA is worse/better than Novavax?

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Sorry about that. How are you doing now with your heart?

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Is your heart ok now?


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