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News of the draft!


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Better late than never? That's what I'm going with here. Much of my film study is done after the fact anyway, so hopefully everyone can still find this useful!

If you missed out on Week 3 and want to get caught up on some stock watch for draft prospects, I wrote about my takeaways here.

Unfortunately, like every week, some of the games we want to watch are going to be at the same time, so break out the tablet or set your DVR if you want to watch all of the amazing action from this weekend.

Each week, I like to highlight a few of the draft-eligible players I am most excited to watch this weekend. Sure, I am looking forward to seeing C.J. Stroud against Wisconsin and Anthony Richardson visiting Rocky Top, but you know about those guys already.

What about the under-the-radar guys? Perhaps that is a bit of a misnomer. Many of these players fans of college football have likely heard of. However, these are not the guys you will likely see in a first-round mock draft at this point. So rather than just tell people to watch the games they already know to turn on, let's take a look at some players who might not be household names yet, but could very well be Top 100 players at the end of the season.

Nate Herbig, LB, Wisconsin

Year: 3rd-year junior

Opponent: at #3 Ohio State (Saturday at 7:30 ET pm on ABC)

This should be one of the best prospect matchups of the weekend. Herbig has been one of the most productive pass rushers in college football so far this season. He has four sacks through the Badgers' first three games. Saturday night will see him go up against Paris Johnson Jr. and Dawand Jones. Johnson is already drawing early first-round buzz while Jones looks more like a Day 2 prospect at this point. Either way, it will be a huge test for Herbig. A nationally televised game in primetime is an excellent stage for the junior edge rusher to prove himself.

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One goal of mine this season is to make a list of 5 prospects I’m most eager to watch each weekend. Not always the biggest names or games, but 5 guys that have something to prove against a worthy matchup. Check out the website and podcast & follow us on social (all @ mockdraftmonday)! We are committed to around the clock, around the calendar Draft Content!

5. Braelon Allen | Wisconsin, RB

Wisconsin @ #3 Ohio State | ABC 7:30pm EST

Big Board: NR 2024

It’s not often that I mention guys that aren’t draft eligible, but Braelon Allen is my favorite RB prospect in the entire country, despite being just an 18 year old sophomore. The 6’2″ 235 lbs prospect is a powerful downhill runner with breakaway speed, which makes him into a unicorn. He is off to a hot start this season with 332 yards and 5 TDs on just 50 carries, but Wisconsin’s Big 10 opener will be no easy task as the Badgers will face #3 in the country, Ohio State. Allen has already broken out as a college football star, but a big game this weekend and continued success would legitimize his draft stock into potentially being graded as an early 1st round RB prospect for the 2024 class.

4. Antonio Johnson | Texas A&M, DB

#10 Arkansas @ #23 Texas A&M | ESPN 7:00pm EST

Big Board: 22

Antonio Johnson entered the season as one of the top defensive back prospects in the country due to his rangey abilities and sustained success as both a run defender and in coverage. 2022 is off to a rocky start for the Aggies, but Johnson has allowed just 58 yards in the air despite being targeted 13 times already. Johnson has gotten better each week and played a pivotal role in their victory over Miami, where he added 8 tackles in addition to a great game covering the slot. Johnson is a versatile defensive playmaker that will be lining up all over the field and will play a massive role in the Aggies attempt to beat the piping hot Arkansas Razorbacks.

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