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My 600 lb Life Party Trick

At this point I’ve watched so many episodes of my 600 lb life that I can guess a patients weight within 5 lbs at the first weigh in. Are you guys able to accurately guess the weights as well? Was there anyone’s first weight that completely threw you for a loop? Maybe it was way smaller or larger than you would have thought?

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We always make a guess prior to the weigh ins. I wish their height was given because it’d help my guesses more lol

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When they stand near or walk past a light switch on the wall, you can get a decent idea of height. Those seem to be universally placed around a bit over 3.5 ft.

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We play guess the weight with Price is Right rules. Closest without going over. I’ve guessed a pound and won before.

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Yes, and I’m so desensitized from watching this show that when they’re at or below 600, I’m like “that’s small.”

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Same here. My husband and I always see who is closest to their weight. We scoff at anything under 600. It’s not called “my 550 pound life!”

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· 3 mo. ago
I stood on the scale wrong

Me too. I watched some older episodes and they're all barely 600. I am reasonable at guessing start weight most of the time.

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· 2 mo. ago
No-salad zone

why is this so true

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· 3 mo. ago
Bring da Robot

LOL I recently told my mom exactly this. I wouldn't say I can guess "within 5 lbs" but I do estimate "oh this one isn't over 600, probably even a few lbs. less" and they turn out to be 590, 605 or so. Or in some cases I'd say "this one is closer to 650 / 700 / whatever" and it's usually accurate. I told my mom that I'd often wonder how Dr. Now could guess a patient's weight when seeing them through the computer (on virtual appointments) or whether he thought they had lost any weight since the last time he saw them and I thought that was not really possible, but after all his decades working with these patients I can now see that his ability is real.

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I think he can visually see it, but also he goes by attitude. He can tell when they haven’t stuck to de diet and obviously wouldn’t have lost weight

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· 3 mo. ago
The scale doesn't lie. People lie.

He's definitely gone to their homes and said that they don't look like they've lost weight so I think he can tell. Usually you can tell by the face imo

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I have always assumed that he has been shown the film clips that the film crew have been taking of the patient. The film crew, editor, or producer may rat them out about cheating or show him everything they have filmed so he can see the entire body not just their faces. I doubt if he has to only rely upon just their faces on a computer screen. He probably has seen it all or heard about their eating habits.

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Now you can go win some prizes at the county fair guessing the weight of brood sows

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aka midwesterners

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The girl that was close to 1000 lbs, i wasn’t expecting that!

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That episode freaked me out! The way she was yelling "It hurts!!" when they tried moving her was horrifying!

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She was like 6'2" if I'm remembering correctly

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· 3 mo. ago
I don’t know what I’ll do without my scooter

Some of the shorter patients shock dr now with their bmis

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Height makes such a difference and varies so much that I can’t begin to guess. Instead, for their follow-ups, I make bets with myself if they’ll have gained, lost enough to get an “I’m proud of you but…” speech, or made weight. First-prize is fries. The runner-up also gets fries. And the consolation prize is fries, too. 🍟🍟🍟


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