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James Bond: Skyfall (2012) Behind the scene

r/Moviesinthemaking - James Bond: Skyfall (2012) Behind the scene
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The scale of this was only realized when I saw the dude on the right

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Didn't see him, had to take a double. That is some great modeling

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I thought they genuinely rigged an actual Merlin on a massive crane, somehow missing the guy on the right and the traffic barriers behind them.

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The scale is 1:1. It is just Jaws trying to catch JB!

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Ditto. (Or else they mounted a full-sized helicopter to that thing AND hired a giant to work on set)

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How can we be sure that he's not a giant?

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If it's safe it would be cool to let their kids go inside. They could fit

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So this is probably a basic question, but: How do special effects artists decide on the scale of a miniature? I tried googling but nothing particularly relevant popped up. Like, let's say this model here is 1/4 scale (just a hypothetical); why isn't it 1/2 scale, or 1/8?

I'm assuming it's related to the level of detail needed for the shot, of course, but do SFX houses have sort of "rules of thumb" about what size models will work for shots at X distance using Y lenses?

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I think Adam Savage said they generally go as big as budget allows. Everything would be full scale if they could.

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I don't know, experts here will say. But I recall when Spielberg was in production with 1941 he gave the task of his crew to build a miniature version of Hollywood. When it was completed he realized it was not the accurate scale he needed to shoot in, so he told them to rebuild the whole miniature set again to the correct scale from scratch.

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My best guess, probably go as small as they can so the shot looks lifelike and normal on the big screen.

Did find this article about movie miniatures. Doesn't answer your question directly.

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The house was later sold to a Canadian living in Toronto for $850K. The man said he was lucky to finally own a home.

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Took me a full minute to figure out you were joking! I was like damn. Maybe I can look into living in an old movie set

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He must be an awful small man to fit in there.

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Christopher Nolan: Hold my flask of Earl Grey.

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Flask of Brooke Bond

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This is a larger model than I thought, when I watched the movie I thought it would have been smaller


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