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If you could remove anything from Minecraft, what would it be?

r/Minecraft - If you could remove anything from Minecraft, what would it be?
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without reading any of the replies, I’m going to assume some of them are the reporting feature from 1.19.1

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The whole comment section is basically just:

  • Chat reports

  • Microsoft

  • Phantoms

  • Anvil level cap

  • Marketplace

Other than that I pretty much only saw silverfish and bedrock/java inconsistencies.


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In terms of actual game play stuff, the level limit for repairing and combining items on anvils.

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I'd settle for a way to reset the limit on an item using something rare/difficult to obtain but renewable.


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Apart from the obvious, I want the removal of the removal of bedrock fog.

I want it restored. It's better than blindness and I think they should have used that.

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Yes!!!!! As a long time Pocket Edition player (since version 0.6) I’ve missed the original look and feel of the game. The fog made the world feel much bigger than it was. Also, the chunk to unloaded chunk boundaries on low render distances are so jarring to me.

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I can basically only see a total of 6 chunks without my game getting laggy

I’m on an Xbox one, I know that there are kneeler models, but I feel like performance has gone down ever since the aquatic update


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The "Too expensive!" and enchantmens limits in an item

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I honestly believe the enchantment system is so patched up and broken that it could use a ground up rework.

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Yup sitting on 100 levels and not being able to enchant because the last one cost 30. Annoying. Give me a number and I will get required levels

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Wait can enchantments get too expensive to repair or enchant? I've never reached that on an item before.


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The little line between glass blocks that makes them look terrible

Edit I CAN’T INSTALL OPTIFINE ON XBOX. Please stop commenting it. I wouldn’t have made the suggestion if I had an easy solution to the problem

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i hear you, but i would rather have the ability to change the color of that line from clear - choice of colors because sometimes i want them to look like windows with the separated panes of glass, and sometimes i would like it to look like one big piece of glass.


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