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If you could change one thing about Minecraft, what would it be?

r/Minecraft - If you could change one thing about Minecraft, what would it be?
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Stop doing scheduled updates. Mojang needs to come up with ideas and then figure out how long it will take. Stop trying to put whatever small feature you think will fit into a ridiculously tight release schedule and then work from there. The game will be healthier if it takes a second to breathe and then get rolling again. If anything kills Minecraft, it will be boring, predictable, serialized updates that everyone will say "I guess it's that time of the year again" to and continue on because it's no longer a surprise event anymore.

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Hell yeah. I want unknown updates, like imagine if you are caving and the you spawn the warden, but they never showcased him before.

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Bring back secret Friday updates

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The last time they did that everyone complained about infrequent/inconsistent updates. If anything will kill minecraft it’s gonna be the fanbase or Microsoft.

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My thoughts exactly. 1.20 will be the first update cycle where we aren't getting content that was slated for caves and cliffs. 1.17 was copper and environmental blocks, 1.18 was the actual caves and terrains, and 1.19 added the warden and deep dark. All of this was hinted at or just straight up shown as "coming in 1.17" before the actual scope of the update became clear.

I'm glad they elected to slow down and release this all in steps so that it actually felt ready when it came out, but it was like getting a single update over the course of 3, and 1.17 really felt more like a demo of 1.18 than an actual real content patch.

On top of this, 1.19 wound up over-hyping itself on Minecraft LIVE where many additional pieces of content were teased and we reasonably believed there would be slightly more to it than what there actually was.

All of this to say- now is a better time than we've had since 1.16 dropped for the team at Mojang to take a step back, really put some careful thought into the next content update, and let it be a slow and careful burn until it comes out. There's no need to feel rushed now, there's no two part update hanging over everybody's heads, there's no obligation from an extremely hyped up livestream to get something out.

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Yeah I really think they need to go back to an update every few years or so. If they keep going at this rate it'll be impossibly overwhelming for any new players to join for the first time.


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Can we go back to "i wonder what features we will get" instead of "i wonder what features we wont get"

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My hopes and dreams are going to be shattered because of this but I have this theory that the big rectangles in ancient cities are portals and Minecraft is about to have a massive update with a new dimension soon. It isn’t going to happen but it’s my personal mojang lore for why so much stuff can’t be added and instead more focus needs to be put into this “new dimension”.

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I think 1.16 was still ok. Netherite and basalt deltas were surprises.

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"Hey since we're much bigger now, we can only give you 1 of these 3 mobs and biomes in the next year or two, plz vote"

"Hey so we're a bigger studio now, selling the best selling game of all time, but this update was too much so we had to split it into two parts which is actually 3 parts and also gut the intent behind the next update, plz understand"

"Hey so we got like 0.2% of people telling us this highly-anticipated feature in this fantasy survival game doesn't make sense irl so we aren't adding it."

"Hey this feature we got 99.8% negative feedback about which is highly abusable and which we're definitely not going to utilize as well as we say we will is going ingame and you can't do anything about it"

Mojang is dead.

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cOnCEpT aRT iSn'T a cOMmiTmeNt

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Isn’t this exactly what Mojang is doing themselves? “Cave update! Prepare for archeology!” followed by “Cave updateS! Two of them! What is archeology?”


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