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Posted by2 months ago

EFMP and PCS overseas orders

My partner got PCS orders overseas to Guam but is trying to get out of it. He has 2 kids who he’s been living away from for 6 years due to not being able to be stationed near them. He’s coming up on a 3 year shore duty and wants to move closer to them but the navy is trying to move him to Guam. Just this past month one of his kids got accepted into EFMP. We are really wanting to move closer to the kids. Moving to Guam would make it extremely difficult to visit the kids. Does anyone have experience with this?

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If he doesn't have a legal custody agreement, it sounds like he doesn't because he's not around his children, then EMFP doesn't matter. EMFP varies and truth be told he's going to be hard pressed for order changes. Also depending on what his rate is more than likely will be needs of the Navy. Did he not choose orders to be closer to his children? Were all his previous picks denied? Has he talked to his detailer?

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Op · 2 mo. ago · edited 2 mo. ago

He’s needing to talk to the detailer again. He spoke with them before one of his kids was accepted into it and it got him nowhere. For this move they didn’t give him a chance to pick because he was specifically requested and previously he hasn’t been able to live near them because it wasn’t an option with him needing to be at sea.