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In my experience, the 2 things I would advise against with the path of mindfulness/meditation/enlightenment are these 2 concepts of, "ego death" and "opening a third eye."

While these 2 things sound cool, neat, catchy and are flashy...they are a waste of time. Let me explain..

I would advise against this idea of committing, "ego death" bc all I see it doing is creating hostility and conflict within. Buddhism and the Dhamma/Dharma (law of nature, law of the universe) say killing is a root of suffering, so why would one think it's a good idea to kill a part of ourselves? I picture beginners being like, "Yeah! This ego of mine needs to die! It keeps taking control and making me do things I end up regretting. Let's kill the ego! Death to ego!" This will keep you tied to suffering bc all one needs to do to transcend the ego is to do the practice and you will naturally become more and more aware of your ego. Then, after some time on the path the ego, like many other difficulties in life, will naturally dissolve all on their own without any of this added hostility and conflict within.

I would also advise against, "opening a third eye" bc of craving and aversion, which are deeply rooted in suffering and misery. This is bc when I was once a beginner, I heard the concept of, "opening a third eye" here on Reddit and was like, "Nice! I want to open my third eye! This sounds cool. I will be so much more enlightened if I can do this." So then when I would meditate I would crave for this sensation in the middle of my forehead and when I would feel something there I would be like, "Yes! I opened my third eye today! This meditation was so successful, I must have done something right!" Then, later on when I would meditate and not feel any sensation in the middle of my forehead, I would be disappointed and think I was doing it wrong. This would cause me to not want to meditate, (aversion) and would discourage me and make me feel like a failure.

I see these 2 concepts like this...imagine you're standing on the river bank of suffering and misery, (this is where you are prior to starting meditation/mindfulness/path of enlightenment) then you step into the boat of enlightenment which is floating on the river of enlightenment, (this is what you did when you started meditating). Now imagine you start paddling, paddling, paddling. You paddle, paddle, paddle all night long til you can't anymore and then the sun comes out after you've been paddling, paddling, paddling and you look back to realize your boat of enlightenment is still tied to the river bank of misery. You haven't gone anywhere! You've been tied to the river bank of misery this whole time and your effort has gotten you nowhere. This is what you're doing by trying to follow these useless ideas.

Untie yourself from the riverbank of misery and let these useless concepts go. They are creating hostility, conflict, craving and aversion.

I've been on this path for years now, read many books on the topics, taken online courses, attended local meditation sessions and was fortunate enough to attend a 10 day Vipassana course and nowhere in any of these resources have I been encouraged to commit, "ego death" or to "open my third eye." I have been advised against them. The only place I hear these concepts is right here on this meditation sub on Reddit. Lots of great info and experiences on here, but also many, many distractions and lots of ignorance.

I guess if these concepts really stick out to you and you cannot let them go, then go ahead. Commit this, "ego death" or try to "open a third eye." I'm sure if you try to do this and you end up staying on the path, you will soon realize it was not necessary.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

What are some things you would advise against for beginners?

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