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Posted by2 months ago

General Discussion, Suggestion, & List Thread - Week of September 22, 2022

Talk about whatever you want here, music related or not! Go ahead and ask for recommendations, make personal list (AOTY, Best [X] Albums of All Time, etc.)

Most of the usual subreddit rules for comments won't be enforced here, apart from two: No self-promotion and Don't be a dick.

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is there service like last fm that can automatically track my listening that also has a built in album rating feature?

I briefly started using listend the way I use letterboxd (I log movies when I watch them, rather than trying to fill out my entire history), but since I listen to more albums per day than I watch movies I found it impossible to keep up with and therefore sort of pointless. I find myself most compelled to log albums that I would give 3/5 stars because otherwise I'm just gonna completely forget about those things. I keep a doc for myself with NEW albums that I LIKE, but what about all the other stuff I listen to?

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Songs that are 10/10 for me. Really could just listen to them on repeat for forever. What links them together? What else would do what they do for me?

Radiohead - decks dark/ nude; The Weakerthans - Left and Leaving; Nina Simone - I wish I knew how it would feel to be free; Taylor Swift - All Too Well; Simon & Garfunkel - Keep the Customer Satisfied; Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues; First Aid Kit - Emmylou

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Born Yesterday by Quadeca is one of the best if not the best song I've ever heard. Heavily recommend it

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I'm conflicted: Swedish House Mafia's music stinks but they are also responsible for adding a newly redesigned Ikea Kallax to an upcoming collaboration.

It finally has a dedicated shelf for a preamp!

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Can't wait for IKEA to finally start making decently-priced stands for Korg Volca synths


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