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Some context: Three room mates and I moved into a house May 1st of this year. The landlord is new at this and had only rented a house to their friends before us. She lived in our current house for a year before we moved in.

We noticed the lowest bathroom in the house kept having water back up into the tub. It wasn’t a lot and we thought it was the washer next to it causing the issues, ordered a new hose, and still didn’t see improvements. We have pictures starting around the first of this month with the dirty water in the tub.

On Thursday evening the tub, toilet, and sink started backing up. We informed the landlord and she had a plumber come over the next day. It turned out to be a MASSIVE blockage of period products, pad wrappers, and “flushable wipes”. One of the toilets needed to be replaced. The bill was a little over 1k.

Our landlord says it it on us to fully reimburse her for the repairs since it is our fault. We are 4 professional women in our mid 20s, one of us works at a women’s Urology clinic. We all know better than to flush pads and tampons, let alone plastic wrappers for those products.

Since we have not even been here 2 months, have photos of the issue, had the plumbers act surprised that we lived here for under 2 months and had this issue and 100% have not flushed pad wrappers we are fairly certain the plumbing issues aren’t our fault.

I am wondering if it is worth it to try and fight the landlord about this or if it is reasonable for her to charge us and we should just pay it.

TLDR: have only lived in a house less than 2 months and a massive clog was repaired by plumbers. Landlord expects us to pay 1k bill even though we did not flush any period products or wrappers in the toilets.

UPDATE: I got the receipt from the plumber. It includes a link to a 5 min video of them going through the drain detailing the cast iron pipes under the house are corroded and have built up from the pipes that is causing a build up from toilet paper. Included on the receipt is also a statement saying the pipes need to be replaced because it’s just a matter of time before they clog again since they are in bad shape, especially the uneven transitions from PVC to cast iron.

We have a snippet of this receipt from the Landlord detailing the price but leaving out all of this information. I also put in a request for one to the plumbers to call me.

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I live in a suburb of Metro Detroit. One of my neighbor's passed away in her apartment and wasn't found for maybe a week and a half to two weeks after. She was found last Wednesday night and maintenance has had her window wide open since. Her apartment faces the parking lot and you can smell "that smell" when approaching the building. "That smell" is also prevalent in the building's main hallway.

Last Friday I was catching whiffs of it in my own apartment. I informed my landlord and she told me the deceased's brother and maintenance are both in and out of the apartment cleaning it out. She said she would ask maintenance if they could do more for the smell, but I don't believe she actually cares or made that call.

I've heard a landlord is supposed to have a hazmat team come in to neutralize the smell. It's hard to find information about what to do in this situation though. A friend suggested I call the health department who put me in touch with the county medical examiner. They told me to contact the corporate office for my property management office. I also called my city's City Hall and they had no idea of what to do either.

What is a normal protocol or should be done in this situation? Is there anything I can do as a tenant?

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My tenant gave me a written 20-day notice to leave a garage rental. Can I legally hold them to it and sign a new lease with someone else?

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I have a vendor that comes to my property (cleaning service) and I suspect it's a human trafficking ring. I have a good working relationship with the owner of the company but never saw her in person and I was very shocked.

Some of the things I am noticing:

  • When I saw the owner today she had expensive clothing on, she left the woman to clean. The woman cleaning had very worn out clothes in comparison to other woman.

  • The women that come in are normally ukranian/russian but they are mainly speaking russian. Their English is new, you can tell they're new arrivals

  • The girls always look frightened and confused. It's just a very weird vibe.

  • I've seen a range of women in all ages. Some are on their 40s and some early 20s. All give off a very frightened look.

  • The supervisor will send ONE girl to do large jobs. Insane amounts of work.

Am I looking into this too much? It's just that they look very stoic, over worked, frightened... i chose their company because its cheap.

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This ones a bit of a triangle, I will try to keep pronouns from getting confused.

My landlady was a lifelong friend of my mother's. When my landlady died, my mother shared that my landlady's then-husband had refused to take his name off the title and simply verbally agreed that the property was hers; that as far as my mother knew that never changed and we should be prepared he may take over as landlord from my landladys new husband, now widower. I know that currently this all falls under heresay, but heres where it gets odd. The ex husband did wind up telling us he was taking over and where to mail a check. He started doing repairs, mowing the lawn, etc. Shortly after, however, the widower asks us where rent is. He was never informed of the change and claims the property was meant to eventually be sold and liquidated for my landlady's two sons to be beneficiaries of. Now this building is also a duplex, and when I went over to speak to my co-tenants, they had never even been told our landlady had died, nor that they should pay someone else. My conversation with the co-tenants had been approx 30-45 days after our landlady's death, and after I had been told by the ex-husband that they would be told of her death and the change, which they obviously were never told and I wound up having to explain everything.

My wife and I are having trouble finding a similar story to this unique situation and would like to speak to some sort of legal aid or advocate but do not know where to turn. Reminder that this is California. Any helpful links or resources are appreciated. Also I don't know if this is relevant but we have been month to month for approx 5 years.

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So for context I am a french student staying in Italy for 2 months for an internship.

Before leaving France i had found thus appartement on the italian equivalent of craigslist, got in contact with LL and turn out it is rented by an agency. Not a big issue except for the Fees wich were known before moving in, everything was pretty clear.

1st issue The lack of contact before arriving, not as in not responding but they didn't inquire about the paiement method ( i had asked and was told wire transfer would work but no account number or Iban was sent to me). Upon arrival i visited the appartement and everything was fine so we signed a 1 month lease and they asked me to pay cash since i would be paying late if i were to wire the rent which is legal in Italy under 3500€ i believe. I paid and was given a proof of payment.

I have now been living in said apartment for a month and have been asking LL about the 2nd contract for the month come. on the 22nd I asked if he could forward me the contract and IBAN/ACC No to which he replied of course. 4 days later i send him my email address with a message asking if he had lost my address he apologized and said he would be sending it shortly. Yesterday i sent another message to which he said a colleague would sent it to me in the afternoon.

2nd problem We are now the day after said afternoon and my lease officially expires today.

I have no clue as if it's really an honest mistake or if he's tying to get me to pay cash again but i'm starting to panic a bit at the idea of getting evicted or what not. Any advice / past experiences would definitely help!

TLDR: LL has not sent me a new contract or the account number to pay rent next month after multiple messages and today my lease expires.


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