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3 months ago

Republican attorneys general to host private retreat for corporate donors - The list of attendees includes lobbyists and executives from CNBC’s corporate parent Comcast, Match Group, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, Anheuser-Busch, Juul Labs, Koch Industries, Lowe’s and Walmart.

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Here's my personal feelings I'm posting to counter anti-abortion messaging from Republicans. Feel free to make it your own:

I don't want my tax dollars spent on a police state controlling women and their doctors!

I believe the decision is a private one between a woman and her God what she does with her own body.

Governments ruin lives when they get involved with complex private situations, and women's health is an area they should not have authority over.

Women have been jailed for miscarriages. Women have died because doctors were afraid of treat them until a life threat could be demonstrated. A women in Ohio now can't get effective rheumatoid arthritis drugs because their pharmacist and doctor say she is of child bearing age though is celibate because the drug could possibly cause an abortion. Ending ectopic pregnancies that will kill the women is considered an abortion. Extra fertilized IDF eggs not implanted to help childless couples need to be disposed of is considered killing a fetus. Young children being forced to have their rapist's babies. Women seeking abortions quite often don't have the means to support more children than they already have.

I don't want to be controlling anyone elses private health decisions, and don't the government doing it on my behalf!

Find out who is running in your local, state, and federal races, and give your time, talents and treasure to the candidates.

Help do voter signup drives, make calls, stuff envelopes, and help blanket your state with information on this.

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We vote every day with our dollars. Boycot these corporations, fully.

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The amount of conflict of interest here is staggering.

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Op · 3 mo. ago
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I find the presence of pharma and health insurance companies interesting given that the organiser is proclaiming itself to be anti-abortion.

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Just another day in Kochland.

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