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I think the biggest mistake people new to this system make is treating it like a typical body typing system, where surface level observations about how someone looks in a bikini will lead you to their image ID. Imo, the first step to figuring out your ID is to let go of the idea that this process will tell you what your objective body type is and how others perceive you. Kibbe is a styling system - figuring out your ID should be 90% focused on how clothes look on you and tend to fit you, and what makes you feel your best. What should you be mindful of when putting together an outfit?

Not only do most of us not have the most accurate perception of our own bodies, its also v hard to accurately portray what you look like in photos and accommodation requirements are often just not obvious from what someone's body looks like. It may be fun to hyper-analyze verified celebrities and try to come up with more concrete explanations for nebulous concepts like 'Kibbe width', 'Kibbe curve', 'Kibbe petite', or whatever, but the reality is that those are just abstract terms used to describe what you should be mindful of when shopping. I see why it's tempting to look for concrete patterns or distinct physical signs of being a certain type, but you're ultimately doing yourself a disservice by trying to figure out if your bones are blunt or if you have a V-or H-shaped back, because that's not what really matters!

Ignore what your body looks like and how it compares to celebrity examples. Aside from height limits, there's really no objective way to rule out one type or another and that's kind of the beauty of it! It's not about being conformed to a category based on your body shape, it's about gaining an understanding of how your body tends to interact with clothes and what you need to be conscious of to dress in a way that's harmonious to you.

Do you find that defining your waist makes any outfit look better, and that straight cuts never look right no matter how perfect their fit? You probably accomodate curve! Do you look easily overwhelmed by large details, prefer dainty jewellery, and like your pants to show the ankle? You might accomodate petite! It doesn't need to get more complicated than that. I don't want to downplay how hard and frustrating of a process figuring out your ID can be, but it gets a lot easier when you take the focus away from trying to find what category your body fits into, and towards what considerations you should have in your outfits.

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Curious if anyone who knows about the conspiracy can spot a difference in IDs between Avril and “Melissa”.
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Veronica Lake

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This is a community dedicated to discussing the work of David Kibbe. David Kibbe is best known for his work as a stylist and image consultant in New York City. In 1987 he published his acclaimed book, Metamorphosis: Discover Your Image Identity and Dazzle as Only You Can. In his book he discusses the 13 (now 10) Image Identities, based on the Old Hollywood Archetypes, and how one can embody these style archetypes through their clothing and essence. David’s work differs from other styling systems that seek to “correct” one’s body into a conventional hourglass. Instead, he seeks to harmonize with one’s natural yin-yang balance by having their clothing imitate their natural shapes in their silhouette. The Kibbe system is about creating a style that is authentically you, embracing your natural features and enhancing them. 

The Kibbe system is a tool to help people learn the importance of creating a head-to-toe look and occasion for which you are dressing. Additionally, it will teach you about your accommodations and how clothing interacts with you body. This system is a tool to develop your style, not a body typing system. It takes a holistic view of the body and help us to have “enlightened subjectivity” when looking at ourselves. The journey may be long, but will result in a better understanding of personal style.


This is a body positive sub, and Kibbe's styling system is body positive. If you are looking for hot & not "body types", then it might not be for you - none of the Image IDs are a negative one. If you are looking for which IDs are more "feminine", then again, this might not be the system for you; and yin/yang do not equate feminine/masculine in their original meaning, nor in the Kibbe system appropriated meaning. This sub is NOT affiliated with vindicta, redpill, and the like.

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(There are no "body types", it is Image Identities. The test was never intended for "typing". It is not a prescriptive system etc. No boxes. No stereotypes.)

Rita is someone who has gone to see David Kibbe herself.

Please note: There's a lot of other YT channels and blogs on Kibbe out there, however, a lot of them are inaccurate, especially when they mainly use the test - which was never intended for "typing" - to work backwards/reverse engineer the Image ID's characteristics. Even those who have access to the (now outdated) book fail to interpret terms like "true hourglass" with the silent generation context in mind (where it refers to round shapes coming from the flesh, not WHR). They also fail to interpret the clothing descriptions - which come from an 80s book referring to Old Hollywood concepts. Example: a dress with a loosely defined waist is this, not this.

An amazing post on fabric and dressing for your own lines.

A Facebook group where David Kibbe is active himself; contains a lot of resources for learning about the system and dressing for your own silhouette; updated info and clarifications in regards to the now outdated book.


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