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Kovid Kim slunk into Marion to preach about private schools and defunding public schools, recently.

Iowa used to have the best basic education public schools in the US. We had the highest % of high school graduations in America. Republicans have cut school funding drastically for years. Schools can't keep up with inflation. Educated people tend to be less violent. We really have many intelligent Iowans, keeping a good education from us is terrible.

Why does Kim dislike teachers, staff, and doctors. Can it be true that Republicans really want the public ignorant and limit education?

Kim came to the metro area and met with a select group to speak about her private school agenda. It wasn't made aware to the public and wasn't on her schedule? Is Kimberly afraid to show her face in the greater CR/IC area? Is she afraid she will get stoned?

Is she like her mentor and could shoot someone on Grand Ave and 12th St and get away with it? Kimberly doesn't care about our area, she didn't after the derecho hit. Where was Hinson? Finkenauer helped people dig out.

We really need politicians that love Iowa and all of it's people. Not someone catering to a select group and improving her own worth.

*Thanks for the award. *We do have informed, intelligent, loving, and caring people in Iowa, don't let them take it away. Remember a lot of these negative dividing ideals are coming directly from the out of state Republican playbook.

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Hey I don’t have any children but don’t mind my money to go to public schools but I draw the line at private schools. If public schools were good enough for me then it should be for everyone. Fund the public schools more to give the future generations a good education. Paying for quality in public education will pay for itself.

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Op · 5 mo. ago

So true, I don't have any children either but i have a shitload of nieces and nephews. I'll gladly pay for better Public schools. I started babysitting at 10 yrs old. Iowa Public school was good for me, it got me into the Air Force. Iowa State was ranked higher too when I went after the military, they received more funding. I believe the last 2 IS presidents were business majors instead of education majors. Have to stretch that nonexistent funding. Something has to suffer.

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I’ll throw my coins in here. If my money is going to private schools then my property taxes need lowered due to that fact.

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We don't need no spooky science.

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Op · 5 mo. ago

Speaking of science, I don't understand why Kimmy won't legalize marijuana? Apparently she hasn't received the right financial backing. Yeah I know alcohol is her thang.

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Op · 5 mo. ago

** I'm upsetting a moderator for this group, someone keeps taking my membership away? Is there a superTrumper among the moderators?

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· 5 mo. ago · edited 5 mo. ago

Is there a superTrumper among the moderators?

One of them made their own sub for circlejerking over how hard Kim Reynolds gets them.

e: my bad, that's incorrect. the guy I was thinking of is a mod for the Waterloo-specific sub

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Op · 5 mo. ago

Well that moderator is feeling threatened again.

Kimmie is that you or her secret lover?

Does Kimmie pay people to support her like Donnie does?

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Comment deleted by user · 5 mo. ago
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Haven't you realized that inconsistency is a trademark of the GOP?

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Op · 5 mo. ago · edited 5 mo. ago

Very good point. They should memorize the bs they spout. I'm sure they have manuels it's always the same shit.

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“Can it be true that Republicans really want the public ignorant?”

Yes, it is 100% true. They prefer a religious education that will teach “traditional” gender roles, where women will stay home and have babies and queer people are judged and shunned.

They aren’t hiding it. That is what they and their voters want for everyone, whether or not you believe what they do.

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Op · 5 mo. ago

Yup, they hid it better before Donnie bought/stole the office. The bigoted are much more blatant, angry, and violent now. Covid Kimmie's way to fight infections, let's give everyone a gun without licenses and proper traing. We'll blast the virus away.

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Kimmie does what helps Kimmie. Her base is pro-private religious education, and she doesn’t care that the majority of Iowans believe otherwise.

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Op · 5 mo. ago

Yes you are right. I'm dying to know how much her new palace cost. It's on donated land from her parents?

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De-funding public schools = re-segregation.

That's the primary goal.

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An educator told me the money the State will pay to the private school will stay with the private school. BUT!!! If the private school has a student they don't want/or refuse to meet their special needs, they can move that child to a public school and keep the tuition. The public school ends up with no funding for the child with special needs. So that tells you right there what will happen to the public schools.

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This is just another Iowa Trifecta boondoggle.

The people who are getting fleeced here are too busy calling their political enemies sheep to ever notice how they're being fleeced.

If it's such a great plan for Iowa, why is Reynolds having so much trouble getting everybody on board? Who is standing in the way?


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